okay so i was doing the top niall pics meme and then started working on the top zayn pics and fell over bc…what about my top ziall pics so literally this is not a meme but i don’t care!!  be in pain with me!! this is mostly gifs bc their love is so much better in motion!!

i would explain all of these but i cannot, they’re just too happy, too full of love

of an endless summer for BansheeOdair

Zayn shrugs unapologetically. “My first time away from home,” he admits with a blush that make Niall’s knees feel weak. “But there are perks, I think.”

“Yeah, I love it here,” Niall says. “It’s kind of nice getting paid to do stuff like this, like watch kids swim in the lake, while you either swim with them, or you could even read a book. I don’t know, there’s a lot to love.”

“Not really the perk I was thinking of,” Zayn says. “But yeah, sure. The lake, whatever.”

Niall stares at him, watching as Zayn winks before he goes back to his food.

word count: 27835

rating: mature

warnings: sexual content

side pairings: minor harry styles/daisy lowe, minor liam payne/sophia smith, minor nick grimshaw/louis tomlinson

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i feel that zayn fancied niall first and during the x factor he used to crack stupid jokes that he'd cringe at hoping niall would laugh and of course he would, head tilting back kinda laugh and zayn would just feel a hurricane of butterflies in his tummy and he'd have to duck his head and leave the room cos he would be blushing too hard


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Oh! Zouiall "who brought the puppy?"

“Who do you think?” Louis asks, but Niall can see the fond smile he can’t quite hide around his boys hinting at his lips despite his annoyed tone. “Of course he’s brought home a stray.” 

“Don’t listen to him,” Zayn tells the dog, from where he’s crouched on the floor with it, petting at its belly until it’s squirming. Niall can sympathize, honestly. “He’ll love you. And you’re not a stray, not anymore.” He looks up at them, smiling hopefully. “Right?”

Niall grins. The dog’s cute, and they’re fine financially for it, and he’s always wanted a dog, and more than that, he knows how much Zayn’s been wanting one. And so does Louis. “’course,” he says, and kneels down next to Zayn to get acquainted. 

“Because our family needed more people in it,” Louis huffs, but then he’s on Zayn’s other side, and all three of them are petting their new puppy.