Dong Young Bae…. You watched him with a smile on your face. You were lucky… so very lucky. When his parents had first purchased you, he was too young to really understand the implications of having a girl. After all he was only ten. You still remembered the day that he had been introduced to you. You had bowed sweetly and introduced yourself.

                “Its nice to meet you Master,” you whispered in your most demure tone. Even at eight, it had been pounded into your head by your trainers that men liked sweet and conservative women, and if you wanted to please your master, you had to behave a certain way.

                “Master?” he had looked at you with the most uncomfortable look on his face, his body squirming in an awkward manner. “Mom said I had to look after you as an oppa… Can’t… Can’t you call me that?” You and Youngbae had grown up together. You held his hand when he got his ears pierced at thirteen… and he held yours as you experienced your first broken heart over one of the servant boys. You were there for his first skin modification, and he for yours. Youngbae shocked you on your sixteenth birthday with your first kiss… and shocked you even more when he shyly admitted it was his as well. It was in that moment, in that breath taking second, that you realized two things. The first was that you belonged to Youngbae, he didn’t have to treat you as well as he did, hell he didn’t have to treat you a third of as good as he did. There were very little laws protecting girls that noblemen bought, it was an honor to belong to a noble man, and so none of the girls complained. Secondly, you loved Youngbae as much as he loved you.

                The two of you began your romance the same way Youngbae did everything, shyly and carefully. At first the two of you simply shared stolen kisses in dark corners, enthralled with being teenagers in love. Youngbae often brought home pieces of candy or little trinkets for you, and you were so afraid that this fascination would fade. A year exactly after your first kiss was the first time you made love. It was painful, and confusing, and more than a little awkward, but it gave the two of you confidence to explore each other’s body, and it got better and better with time.

                Now, almost ten years after you met Youngbae, you sat in the garden, watching him talk on the phone with his best friend Ji Yong. Ji Yong’s parents had recently purchased a girl and Ji Yong was afraid she would get lonely so he wanted to set up some kind of play date. You smiled to yourself, Ji Yong was a good man, hopefully his girl would serve him well.

                Youngbae hung up the phone and turned, as his eyes met yours a smile lit up his face and he jogged over to you, his body glistening in the hot sun.

                “Hey baby,” Youngbae murmured as he pressed a gently kiss to the corner of your mouth, “Mom told me you asked her to summon a doctor today. Are you feeling ok?” Your body stiffened a little and you nodded, relishing the feeling of being in this man’s arms.

                “I-I’m fine,” you stammered, “I just… I don’t really know how to say this.” Youngbae pulled back, his face concerned as he led you two a sitting area in the shade.

                “Baby tell me what’s wrong. Whatever it is… It’ll be ok. I’ll make it be ok,” And there it was, the calm confidence that radiated from Youngbae. Your fear dissipated and you took a deep breath.

                “Oppa… I’m pregnant.” All emotion ran from Youngbae’s face, his eyes wide with shock. You bit your lip and sat, waiting for his response. All at once a whoop of mirth came from Youngbae’s mouth while he picked you up and swung you around before kissing you hard. You were gasping for breath when the kiss finally ended and Youngbae had you in his arms, his lips skimming over your face, kissing every inch of your skin. Slowly your body started to heat up and you pushed yourself closer to your lover.     

                “Baby, not right now,” Youngbae’s words held a hint of amusement as he pulled back, “I want to hear everything the doctor said, and then we should tell my parents, and THEN I will make love to you until you can’t walk… because that’s the only way I know to make you stay in bed and relax.” You laughed a little, pleased that Youngbae was so over the moon about this. The two of you had talked about children, but it was always a someday sort of event. When the doctor had told you today that you were two months along, you were afraid Youngbae would feel trapped, but obviously all your fears had been in vain.

                That night was spent in Youngbae’s bed, eating delicious food that Youngbae fed you while recounting everything the doctor had told her over and over until the food was gone and Youngbae’s lust took over. You had never felt more connected to Youngbae than in that night, maybe it was the fact that Youngbae was being extra gentle with you, and that I love you’s were whispered between every kiss, or maybe it was the fact that you were now forever bonded to this man.

                Late that night while your chest was rapidly rising and falling, your body greedy for oxygen Youngbae wrapped you in his arms.

                “Move your things in here,” he whispered softly, causing you to look at him in surprise.  

                “Youngbae…” Your voice trailed off, it was a major taboo to have your slave girl sleep in the same quarters as you. If people found out Youngbae’s reputation could be hurt, he would seem weak.

                “ I mean it. I love you, and I don’t want our son to be raised by a mother who he thinks is in some way inferior. I want my son to be strong, but to respect women, respect the woman who he will have children with someday.”

                “You’re so sure it will be a boy?” you asked sleepily. You wanted to stay and argue some more, the last thing you wanted to do was ruin Youngbae’s reputation, but you could feel your eyes drifting shut. “We’ll talk in the morning,” you finally announced. That night you fell asleep, happier than you had ever been, with Youngbae’s chest to your back and his hand resting protectively against your tummy.


This song and video is BIG BANGin!!! (See what I did there? :P) 


Such awesome talent in one building. Powerhouse. 

I see a lot of EXOtics (not EXOstans but EXOtics, there’s a difference) bashing Taeyang and saying bullshit like “Oh Taeyang RingaLinga MV is very similar to EXO’s growl; he copied them”. well please take a seat and read my thoughts~
-First of all, it’s the damn DANCE VERSION not a Music Video so of course it will have no cuts no edits. It’s just like any other dance practice…except YB's…a bit cooler than the normal ones.
- since when did EXO became the first ones to do a “no cut one take”
Music video? From what I know, many other artist like Beyoncé(Single Ladies) have done music videos like that. Another example is Super Juniors “It’s You” was like that. And oh wasn’t BIGBANG’s “Love Song” also like that; no cuts just one take/shot?? So why don’t we see Beyoncé fans, ELFs and VIPs bashing EXO? That’s because those fans are fucking mature enough. You didn’t see VIPs saying “Oh EXO copied BigBang’s MV! They are copycats” so why are you doing it?
(Note: I used the “EXOtics” instead of “EXOstans” because their a difference between those two. EXO’s fandom is made up of two types of fans, the crazy scary rude ones(Exotics) and the really nice sweat ones(EXOstans) ^^ pls understand that I’m not bashing everyone)