B.A.P as animals (according to Moon Jongup)


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ok..let me tell something… b.a.p not ALWAYS sang about social issues( even if this concept is the one they do the best) or badass things all the time, like…they also have a lot of romantic/breakup songs since debut, This is why I call b.a.p a versatile group…but a lot of people got stuck in warrior-power-no mercy-one shot-badman concepts and  forget they also have crash-stop it-1004-rain sound-shady lady-secret love,etc. B.A.P doing this type of music is nothing new…why people are so surprised or pressed about this.

Like i said before, this album is not my kind of album….but i hope they can gain the recognition,love and popularity that they deserve… Let them try….let them enjoy this comeback….even is not my type of music and stuff….i will enjoy this comeback…and support them no matter what…plus they seem pretty excited and happy with this album, they are telling us a lot that have a big expectations of this album…and tbh..im curious bc this is something different and i love how b.a.p always bring something new with each comeback..with B.A.P you will never know what expect,but we really know always what expect of b.a.p and is GOOD MUSIC no matter the concept strong,cute,funny,badass,etc…..look what happened with 1004, everybody had doubts about that song but is one of the most loved songs of b.a.p (between fans and non fans). 

give this mini album and this concept a chance like me…bc i was one of this that had doubts about the whole concept….but now i dont want to think to much and i just want to see them back, enjoy their comeback, enjoy their music, see them happy and see them slay….