[[TimKonBart. ‘Feeling left out.’ sexyvanillatiger.]]


Bart doesn’t know when ‘they’ became ‘we’, but he likes it. Or he has liked it up until recently. He’s been happily living oblivious to the reality of what ‘we’ means. We really means ‘they and me’. Tim and Kon have something he doesn’t think he could ever have with either of them. They were in a relationship before he was somehow involved. They work in a way that makes them seem in sync. Entire conversations pass between them with nothing more than expressions and hand gestures. They tell each other things they don’t tell anyone else.

So he starts pulling away. Maybe he can sever this early. He doesn’t think they will be too mad. They’ve signed up for something that they didn’t quite want. An idea that had been better in theory. It’s easy enough pretending to be busy.

Tim’s smart and observant. He’s good at spotting lies, but it all goes over his head. Kon’s too busy with Tim, missions, figuring himself out… that’s fair. Bart understands. That’s a lot for anyone to have on their plate. He’s only complicating things.

Or so he thinks until the day he’s stuck with nothing to do. He’s lonely. Everyone’s out doing something. Missions, personal business, whatever. He’s alone. The silence bothers him, so he turns music on. It’s loud enough that he doesn’t notice anyone else come in until he’s nearly bounced off of the cushion he’s lounged on from the weight of his new companion.

Kon grins and wraps his arms around him. Bart doesn’t get the chance to say anything before another pair of arms wrap around him. He blinks. “I thought you two were-”

“Off,” Kon says, and Tim finishes with, “Spending the day with you.”

I honestly think one of my favorite things about Young Justice is the relationship between Artemis and Sportsmaster, because she 100% without a doubt hates him.  So many times there’s been an evil parents in a book or movie, and the protagonist is always like “but I still don’t want anything bad to happen, it’s my dad!”  Not Artemis.  She legitimately hates her father.  And she should.

Artemis and Jade were raised in an abusive home, pit against each other by their supervilainfather for training.  They grew up trying to kill each other.  Possibly the most dysfunctional home I’ve ever heard of, because of a man who raised them to be killers.  A man who turned two little girls against each other and tore the family apart in the process.  If after all of that Artemis had still loved him as a father, it would’ve been a horrible character flaw.  Luckily, the amazing writers came up with the only realistic and acceptable outcome of all of this, and made a character who truly despises the man that put her through all that, even if he is her father.

It shows that people do not need to feel sorry for hating someone they’re related to if that person is abusing them, or making their live literally a living hell, forcing them into an abusive home for their entire childhood.  Artemis Crock is the most real character in this show, and I feel like everyone needs to love her for that.