The idea that only Wally knew what was behind those glasses back in season 1 kills me a little inside everytime ok.

Also fellow Birdflashers (roflmao btw), do yourselves a favour and read this fic. It’s not the best out there because that position goes to it’s direct sequel: Picking Up the Pieces by Kazyre. And srsly, it’s the only Birdflash epic I’ve read ok it’s AMAZING. I’ve read it 5 times in a row, no exaggeration. And I keep discovering new little details. I LOVE IT SO MUCH AAAAH Wally character development! Coverage of multiple heroes! Wally-Dick-Roy bromance! Barry being the best uncle ever! Bruce being the best dad ever! Hal being the best friend ever! Slow, sweet realistic bromance turned romance! Crazy amazing storyline and plot twists! /cries

Ok you know what, now I want to reread it again myself… /rolls away