Let’s talk about action sequences

A lot of writers struggle with writing action sequences because there are a lot of thing that you need to take into consideration. I have thought long and hard about it and have come up with a couple of guidelines which can help some of you out. So here we go:

Keep the action real 

Unless your world permits action that doesn’t seem real to us you have to keep in mind that the reader expects to read things that are possible in real life. So don’t have cars crashing and just drive on or have guns with fifty bullets in them. Be realistic about your action.

Don’t be scared to let your characters get hurt

This helps with keeping your story real. For example if your character survives a car crash he is going to be hurt in one way or another. So don’t have him just stand up and run around like nothing happened, something did and it has consequences. That being said, don’t over do it! Especially when you have a lot of action scenes to come. This will also help to keep your readers on their toes because your character will seem more vulnerable.

Keep your novel consistent

Understand that every action has an outcome and you have to carry that outcome throughout the rest off your novel. So don’t let a character get hurt in one scene but have him do something that he wouldn’t be able to do because of that in a different scene. A character who gets shot in the shoulder will have trouble lifting his arm and that’s something that your character will suffer from through the rest of the story. It can hinder him doing something as stupid as taking something from the top shelf to blocking an incoming attack.

Speed up the tempo off your novel 

This way your character is forced to make quick decisions that are more off spur off the moment reactions rather than thought through actions. Plus it helps the scene seem more real. You can even write these scenes like this, by placing yourself in the characters mind and writing what your instincts tell you to write. This way you will make quick decisions your character would have made.

Limit the description factor

Think about it, when your character is walking on the street peacefully he has the time to study and describe the things around him. He would be able to see which car passes him, how the lady with the white skirt smiles at him,… But when writing an action scene he doesn’t have that luxury, he wouldn’t be able to describe anything in detail because everything is moving so fast. For example: don’t describe the car. That does a drive by as a black wrangler jeep edition II, he will only be able to see that it was a black truck that drove by before he had to run for cover.

Always work with a cause and effect setup

Because this happens my character is forced to do this and because off that he is forced to do this and so on. Using this template and by always writing the first thing that comes to mind you will be able to map out an action scene without to much trouble.

Writing action seems intimidating at first but once you get started and follow these guidelines you should be fine. Hope this helped some of you writers out there!

I wanted to be the scent on your skin,
overpowering the Old Spice soap bar 
and the reason your lips
ache the next day.
I wanted to be brighter than the sun
when you open the curtains
and as graceful as the dust
that falls onto your radiator.
I wanted to be the one
who traced the lines of your faded tattoo
and fixed your necklace
whenever it reversed.

One night you whispered to me,
“You are beautiful,” and all I heard was,
“It’s you, it’s you. It’s you.”

The next time, you asked,
“Are you seeing someone new?”
And all I wanted to say was, “It’ you. It’s you.
It’s still you.”

—  Stories I’ll tell one day #93 – Ming D. Liu 

My Galentines Day entry for the wonderful @stephizzle94

Title: Awkward
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Castiel/reader
Word Count: 3618
Warnings: Sex with an angel.  Grace!kink.  Multiple orgasms.
Tags: @abaddonwithyall @castielspahdehrah @scruffandyarn @ladyfae @mrswhozeewhatsis @icecream-and-gadreel @mysupernaturalfics @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki
Summary: Castiel and the reader both have feelings for each other, but neither wants to believe it’s mutual!  Will either of them ever make a move?  
Author’s Note: Opening line is from Brotherhood in Death by J.D. Robb, and I was prompted by @yesimcastielsgirl

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anonymous asked:

can you do some romance writing or character dev prompts for v-day?

I’ll give it my best shot, since I’m not all that into romance… these are probably just going to be slightly couple-themed.


  1. Character A finds out that Character B is auditioning for the lead role in Romeo and Juliet (or any play where the leads kiss) and decides to audition too in the hopes that it will give them the final push to confess their feelings–however, neither Character A nor Character B end up in the lead roles, and the roles they do get have few (if any) scenes together.
  2. Character A and B are getting their first pet together and are debating whether or not they should get a cat or a dog. They come out of the pet store with something entirely different. How did this happen?
  3. Character A wants to do something special for Character B, but Character B comes down with a cold/flu so Character A scraps their grand plans to take care of Character B.
  4. Characters A and B go on vacation to somewhere that is deeply personal to one of them, but the other has never been to.
  5. Characters A gets overly competitive at a sport/video game/other contest and trash-talks Character B in an over-the-top manner. Character B finds it either hilarious or appalling.
  6. Characters A and B are attending a masquerade ball and will be arriving separately. Due to a communication error they come in outfits different from the one that the other thinks they are wearing.
  7. Character A has been transformed into some kind of dangerous monster (werewolf, vampire, etc.). How do they tell Character B, if they do at all? How does Character B respond?
  8. (More of a Christmas one but going for it anyway) Rewrite The Gift of the Magi with your characters.

Character Development Questions:

  1. What is your character’s ideal date like? Go for all the details you can, including time of year/weather, what they’d like to wear, etc.
  2. Just about everyone wants to give their partner the perfect gift/date/etc., but how far would your character go to actually do it?
  3. What is your character’s favorite trait in their romantic partner/What do they pay attention to the most in a prospective romantic partner?
  4. Does your character ever plan on getting married? If yes, how much of the wedding have they planned out, realistically or as a fantasy?
  5. Plan your character’s wedding. Plan it down to the last detail. Guest list, cake flavor, dress, flower arrangements, everything.
  6. What is your character’s opinion on love? Do they believe in love at first sight? Are they optimistic or pessimistic about their relationship prospects?
  7. What is your character’s favorite romcom? If they don’t like romcoms, which is the one they would require the least persuasion to watch more than once?
  8. If your character were in a traditional romcom, which role would they play: The Heroine, The True Love Interest, The False Love Interest, The Romantic Rival, or The Trustworthy Friend?