No words can describe how excruciating it feels to be perfectly fine one minute, but then be drowning in your own thoughts the next.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love sleeping alone in my bed and being able to completely sprawl out. But there’s something about being woken up in the middle of the night to your person scooting over and grabbing you closer. Even when you sleep on your stomach and angled all weird yet they still find a place to comfortably lay their head on your back and intertwine their legs with yours.

I say I love you most, and I mean that I love you more than every breath of fresh air I’ve felt enter my core, more than the glistening hues of every sunset I’ve seen, more than my mother’s laughter, more than the stories the stars tell every night, more than every wave in every ocean, more than all of the words I know.

Of these things, and every thing,
I love you most.

—  For J
Blood pours through wounds
And seeps
From fingertips.
You run your claws
Down my cheek
To my throat, 
Trace my jaw with a sword.
My body is poison.
The tip of your tongue
Graces mirrors.
I scream for her
As we twirl through red,
Rationality creeping back
Through plugholes.
You covered your ears
While I drowned
In seas of secrecy,
Covered your eyes as I fell.
There is
No noble entity
You say,
Still I treat
You like the stars.
—  poeticallyordinary
that’s the one - dad!tom

Summary: You and Tom publicly announce your pregnancy, with Harry’s help.

“Nooo, I don’t like that one either,” you whine.

“Why not?” Tom asks, looking over your shoulder at the camera held for your viewing by Harry. “You look adorable.”

“No, wait. Okay. Take one more,” you say, crossing your legs criss-cross applesauce-style on the bed and putting your hands on your baby bump.

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In five years time,
I see myself sitting in the local
café of wherever I end up.
Sipping on a cup of bitter coffee
I’ll learn to like the taste of because
high blood sugar runs in the family.
Take it with a side of croissant,
and a good book.

My notebook and pen resting just
in case I get the urge to write about
some aesthetic this window seat view
is giving me. Some vibe that the
coffeehouse playlist is setting.
Some feeling that I’m not so lonely
in a place I don’t even know about yet.
How I want to be in a place I don’t even
know about yet.

How am I writing about a place I don’t
know about yet? How am I supposed to
get to a place I don’t know about yet?
I’m not sure.

But I know I’m trying to get to a
place where the coffee is good
enough for me to like coffee.
And the music is making me feel
some type of way about myself,
and how I got there.
Where writing just comes naturally,
and the pen doesn’t feel so heavy in
my hand, and the words are as light
and flaky as the croissant in my other.

Where I don’t have to write about
imagining myself in places I know are
better than here, but don’t know where
to find them yet.

—  “Coffee date in the making”

I am a ghost
haunting my own home

swallowing the dust
on old photo frames and books

floating through the memories
this world gave me

—  because I’m afraid to forget you by shelby leigh
Someone Said I Needed A New Hobby So I've Started Spinning In Circles Until I Throw Up Recreationally

Someone told me I needed more friends so I’ve started talking to the trees

Someone said hi to me on a walk today and I accidentally screamed howdy back

Someone said I’ve been acting like a dick lately so I’ve been trying to not talk as much

Someone recommend I start over somewhere new so I drove a different way to work today

Someone told me that they have a deep desire to punch me in my kidneys and I smiled, looked down, then laughed

Someone finally stopped waiting for me to text them back and I feel indifferent about it

Someone took me to a fancy restaurant and I forgot to thank them because I was too busy thinking about the holes in my pants

Someone told me I still got a lot of life left to live and I developed ‘a lot-of-life-left-to-live disorder’

Someone told me I should try to go a month without drinking and I’m on day three

Someone muttered an incorrect political fact so I took out my bad past year out on them

Someone asked me to look up the weather for them on my phone and I told them that I didn’t know how to do that

Someone told me I told you so and I put my hand on their shoulder then told them how proud everyone one is of them

We’ll stand side by side
when the hit of the night comes unexpected,
when the signs of the dusk were ignored
and no one is longer unaffected

by the hate in the hearts of some
that spread fear in the minds of many
and destroy the lives of those kids
that weren’t even twenty.

We’ll stand side by side
at midnight
when even trusting each other
is a fight.

And stand by our sides
in the early hours of the morning
when we’ll start the reconstruction
despite any warning.

We’ll also stand side by side
when the sun eventually comes up
because our generation’s convictions
are more than a storm in a teacup.

—  // Barcelona

anonymous asked:

What do you do when your main character just doesn't seem to jump off the page? I feel like the rest of my characters, even the world are really well developed but my POV protagonist just doesn't seem nearly as engaging compared to some of them.

Hi, love!  Thanks for your question and your patience <3

So I’d first redirect you to this LGF post about creating strong characters – it outlines a lot of things that I won’t cover here.  But I will expand on it for this question, because this is more than creating a strong character.  Main characters need to be iconic, especially if a work is character-driven.  A protagonist should stand out; they should be memorable and unique.

Memorable, noticeable characters have:

  • Something to say – Whether they’re physically saying something (”Just keep swimming!”) or whether you’re saying something through them (in Finding Nemo, Nemo’s character delivered a message about disability and growing up), main characters must be communicating something to the reader.  Readers hear better than they see, so what your character says will stick with them better than how your characters looks, dresses, or emotes.
  • Something to do – Like all characters, your protagonists need to play a prominent role in the story.  If a character is just there to be there, readers will sense it and they’ll look somewhere else.  They must be active, occupied throughout the whole story.  Even if they’re sitting in a room, listening to two other people talk, they should be actively listening to those people talk.  Here is a post on active characters to help you.
  • Something hateable – This is a good test for memorable characters: ask yourself if there’s a reason for anyone to hate them.  Is there something about them – habits, social skills, conflicts, or even their sense of humor – that someone out there could read and absolutely despise?  Anything?  Even if they’re a “good” character, there should be something strong enough in them that it could rub someone the wrong way.  If not, your character may be bland, and thereby forgettable.
  • A unique look and sound – Your characters don’t need purple hair, an Irish accent, and feathers growing out of their tail to be unique.  But think about the image of them in your head.  Do they look and talk like a specific celebrity?  Are they inspired by one person very strongly, rather than pieces of multiple people?  If so, you may be projecting a character onto a person, instead of creating the person on the whole.  Give them something unexpected about their look – fashion, tattoos, skin imperfections/discolorations, glasses/braces, body type, etc. – and their voice – social skills, opinions, emotions, sense of humor, formality, speech impediments, etc.
  • A strong name – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: protagonists need names that count.  It doesn’t have to be super weird or made-up, but it should (a) fit their personality and universe, and (b) jump off the page.  Alliteration sometimes helps (Peter Parker, Bruce Banner), and you can go with a “normal” first name and a unique last name (Tony Stark, Clark Kent).  Go through baby name websites, or play around with traditional names to give them a twist.  Find the right name, and you’ll know it.

That’s all I have for you right now, but if this doesn’t answer your question, be sure to let us know!  I wish you much luck and happy writing :)  Thanks again!

– Mod Joanna ♥️

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Writing Prompt #233

This year was going to be different, I assured myself as I grabbed my keys and my backpack. I was going to be proactive, organized, and maybe get a date for once. This was my school year and I refused to let it go wrong.