throwback to 2008:
mbc gayo daejejun ☆ wonderbang special stage

It’s funny how Kpop company stans preach company loyalty but lemme tell u something these Kpop companies don’t give a damn about your oppas/unnies. They are seen as products and money makers. Seeing how JYP is treating WG after all they’ve done for their company is trash. These women were the bread winners and the top female idol group in Kpop during their peak. Had a good response when they came back from America and now their being tossed to the side cuz a new group is popular at the moment (no shade to TWICE tho). No manager, no plans for their 10th anniversary, and no promo during their last comeback. MESS!! Absolutely not. Jump ship WG. I don’t give a damn they folks say “I can’t imagine WG without JYP”, these women deserve respect!  Pull a BEG and Shinhwa. 


I as a wonderful, am truly truly sad that my ultimate group for 8 years straight is disbanding. I had waited 3 years for an comeback and it was amazing. 3 years hiatus and coming back with a bang is not what many groups can achieve. They were the ones who paved the way for kpop alongside other groups, with Nobody, Kpop reached a whole level of publicity. Sunye, Sunmi, Yubin, Yeeun, Sohee, Hyelim. All of the members had made memories within the group and we wonderfuls are happy for it. Trying out different concepts, making trends, I mean, what is there to hate about them? With so little scandals about them, they’re truly an amazing girl group that sets an example of a “perfect” image group. They share their problems, tears, sweat with each other and perfectly raw emotions with both wonderfuls and members.

For all the great songs that you have composed and sang,  I would like to thank you for that. For all the fun times you had with each other, we would like to thank you for it. For being original in terms of everything and never backing down even when newer groups are debuting and creating such quality music, we would like to thank you for it. Overall, WG had made an impact in so many lives in the past few years and all of us would like to thank you for it.

Thank you Wonder Girls, may you guys reunite somewhere near in the future to create more pieces that people of all different ages can enjoy like how Nobody did. 

Legends only, thank you.