Things I want to see in Wreck-It Ralph 2
  • Agencies who help homeless characters who have lost their games find new housing and jobs
  • Organized activism against the social persecution of bad guys
  • Games taking extra precautions to make sure malicious or irresposnible outsiders don’t get into their games and cause trouble (For example, characters needing to obtain a stamped pass or some other sort of authorization to enter a game that isn’t theirs)
  • Adding to that, characters doing more to protect their code rooms
  • Competent law forces (sorry Wynchel and Duncan but you guys suck)
  • Democracy in all games (royal characters are constitutional figureheads only to avoid King Candy-esque dictatorships)
  • Opportunities for characters who are unsatisfied with their predetermined roles to branch out and try new career paths 
  • Basically I just want the video game world to get their shit together