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This is gonna be worded strange but hopefully you will understand! Usually sex is a way to show your love right? So, later on in the relationship, which of the members would use sex as a way to get rid of stress and not to express love?

This question is a little difficult to answer, because I feel that when one of the members gets intimate with some one, they would never do something without at least an ounce of love. Sex is an intimate and emotional act, and should always be enjoyable for both people participating. There are such acts as angry and make up sex, as well as to get rid of stress, but these are (supposed to) never be acts that are completely thoughtless. Such acts are still carried out with trust and consent.

With this in mind, I don’t think the idea of having sex to relieve some stress is far-fetched. They are still human, and with this act being something full of trust, they are going to be coming to you trusting that you understand them and their feelings. I think the members that would most likely do this are Rap Monster, V, and Jungkook

Rap Monster - He has a lot of responsibilities resting on his shoulders, and a lot of work that he handles every day. He can, of course, go to the others with the things that are bothering him, but when he comes to you with his problems, it is to get the comfort and understanding of some one he trusts implicitly, and as some one who has a view from outside his industry. It would be the same with having sex to rid him of stress. He trusts you with the rawness and roughness of these emotions and actions, you being his remedy to everything. He would hold you tight, be a little rough, and possibly even bite. You would be able to tell just how stressed he is by how rough he gets. 

V - He is happy usually, and when he is upset or serious, he tends to be stone quiet. You are his outlet for all of this. All of the frustrations he keeps inside, all the times he bit his tongue and stayed quiet, he gets to let it all out with you. The clawing, biting, shouting, rough sex is a clear indication of just how wound up he has become. He doesn’t know many ways to get this off his chest, but you had always been there for him, even in this, and he is always thankful. Without you, he surely would have cracked long ago. 

Jungkook - With you, he becomes a real man. Days of being called the Golden Maknae, and doing aegyo and fan service, it all wears him thin. He may be young, but he is still a man, and he still has his pride and needs. He shows just how much he has to prove when he is with you, and knows that you can take it. You are weak and willing beneath him, allowing him to take control and be rough is need be. You are always there to show him that he is more of a man than anyone gives him credit for, and some days he feels he needs that confirmation more than air. 

Despite their roughness, and seeming lack of loving, these guys would be extremely careful with your aftercare. When things get rough, stressful, or emotional, aftercare is the acknowledgement of such actions, and the sensitive care and love that come after. For a lot of people this is really important emotionally, and it would be critical to them to show you just how much you mean to them, and that they still love you like crazy. 

They would be placing sweet kisses on your skin, rubbing gently over the spots they abused, and making sure to pull you close as you both fall asleep. It’s important for them to make you feel secure. They would probably also talk to you a little bit about what has been bothering them,and then just have some casual pillow talk. They would also continue to ask you if you are alright, if they were too rough, and maybe after a nice nap, they would invite you to join them in a nice relaxing bath. 

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I hope this answer is okay. The boys have stated that they have regular, calming things that they resort to when they are stressed or upset, but some times everyone just needs to let off a little steam. It is normal, as long as you consent it, and they will always stop and think of you if there were anything they ever did that hurt you or made you uncomfortable.