EXO’s reaction to you holding their hands:

Sehun: “Um..what are you doing?” *blankly looks at you before staring at yours and his linked hands, hiding the fact that he actually likes the contact you both are sharing*

Kai: *slightly surprised at the sudden contact of your soft hands but ends up chuckling uncontrollably* 

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Tao: *smirks like a cocky little shit because he knew this was going to happen anytime soon*

D.O: “Oh..okay..um sure we can hold hands.” *flusters like a cutey that he even lets out a little chuckle*

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Chanyeol:  “Oh the things you do to surprise me, Jagiya.” *instantly pulls you closer to his body in a passionate embrace*

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Chen: *scratches his head before suddenly grabbing you by shoulders in excitement* “Does this mean we get to cuddle now?”

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Baekhyun: *turns to look at you in curiosity to see if you were messing with him* “Is this what I think it means or…?”

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Lay: *freezes for a second before realizing what’s actually happening. Then instantly starts to blush like a teenage girl*

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Suho: *becomes instantly nervous which makes you worried.*
You: “Oppa, what’s wrong? Are you okay? Do you want me to pull my hand away-”
Suho: “-NO! I mean no… Jagiya. I was just surprised that’s all…you know since this is the first time we’ve actually held hands in public.”

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Kris: *instantly takes it as a sign of something which you weren’t really going for*
You: What?
Kris: *smirks* “You know what.”

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Luhan: “Mhm?”

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Xiumin: *gets excited and keeps sparing you quick glances*
You: What?
Xiumin: “Nothing.” *gif*

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Theme 40: Dulcet (#3 of Dictionary Series)

(ˈdʌlsɪt) - adj: sweet and soothing

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Courtesy of Max Fields

A Two-Year, 100-Billboard Celebration of Going West

Though blizzards and rent checks will always revive New Yorkers’ dreams of avocado trees and sunshine, for a certain set of creatives, the allure of the American West is so passé it’s history. The “Manifest Destiny Billboard Project,” a two-year, 100-billboard journey from sea to shining sea along Interstate 10, kicks off its culminating festivities in Los Angeles. 

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