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On the Companions, and How to Define Them

In my psychology class last year, we learned about an experiment that examined individualistic vs. collectivistic cultures, and I think it works as an apt analogy for how Davies and Moffat approach companions.

This experiment compared American and Japanese students. It asked them to describe themselves, first objectively and then how they saw themselves around different people. The Japanese students were puzzled by the first task, while Americans had a harder time with the second, the implication being that those from societies that prize individuality see themselves separate from the people around them, while those from cultures that value working together and harmony will view themselves in relation to the people around them. To reiterate: this is exactly what is happening in Moffat and Davies Who.

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So a while back @danse-or-farkas (I’m pretty sure it was you! If not ignore lmao) suggested that I draw Farkas! Not a lot of folks know this but I actually like the elder scrolls more than pretty much everything, and I even have a character who married this guy in game so when this was suggested I jumped at the chance! I hadn’t drawn this guy in ages and it’d been way too long! Thanks for the suggestion!

A short little comic strip on the interaction between Ava’s mother (Synthia) and her boyfriend. I never gotten the chance to describe on how they feel about each but from what you probably read, they have their differences.

I also decided to try something new, when developing short stories or albums, imgur would compress the living shit out of them. My only solution so far is just to make a long image consisting to 4 or less images.

here’s the Imgur link just in-case: https://imgur.com/a/f56C8

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If I could have a Doctor Who moment and go back in time and travel back to the moment I got the job as Captain Jack, what would I say to myself? John Barrowman (Doctor Who: The Companions)