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experienced zuka fandom people, I need your guidance:

I feel like it’s high time I bit the bullet, put my awkward aside and wrote a couple of fan letters. Thing is, I’ve never in my entire life written such a thing so… I have no idea what is one supposed to write in a fanletter? Especially a first time fanletter when you send one of the blue? Is it okay to adress the sienne “official nickname + san” from the get-go or would it be better to start with “stage name + san/sama”? Also, since I’m a foreign fan and stuff, would it be okay to send like photos/postcards from my country along with said letter?

(and a sub-question: can one write to directors too? as a genuine “hey, i really loved that show you put on”, obviously)

Any pointers/ advice for a noob like me would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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the zuka formula

ok I know we all love takarazuka, but you have to admit that there are certain Things that happen in every revue because that’s just how things are:

  • the top star sings the theme, but then she goes off and does a quick change for no reason except aesthetic and reappears for the end of the theme
  • there is at least one song that’s not in japanese
  • sung version of instrumental classical music
  • an unnecessary amount of top star costume changes
  • the one Obvious Transition Number that’s used to fill time
  • the number where they mash up like 10 different songs
  • sUDDENLY frills, sparkles, and feathers eveRywhEre, but then the next scene has precisely 0 of these things
  • -wink- “AH!”
  • if the revue is themed and not a story, then there is one self-contained scene with a story that is either light and funny or serious and ends with d e a t h
  • seductive dancing between the top otokoyaku and multiple otokoyaku
  • everyone’s wearing the same general colour scheme except for the top star, who doesn’t match at all
  • The Nibante Scene
    • sometimes nibante x top musumeyaku
  • at least one otokoyaku becomes a musumeyaku for a scene
    • there are two outcomes: a)they look really natural, or b)they move like an otokoyaku in musumeyaku clothes
  • she touched the boob
  • the fight scene, where 2 groups fight each other with dance
    • bonus if someone (not the top star) pulls out a knife and kills someone important
  • inspirational dance where everyone wears white/gold/both, usually after chuuzume and the fight scene



0:35 - 0:58 and 2:52 - 3:30 [Chie’s “Kabe Don”] (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

Quick quick summery: Chie talking about her experience filming her first drama (Shihei: Death Cash) and getting to play a women (manly/cool women). SKE48’s Matsui getting flustered and teased by Chie. Also asking Chie to Kabe Don her (and worrying about making Chie’s fans angry)



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