• tyler:*stubs his toe*
  • clique:how could we...let this happen. i hope he knows the rest of us wouldn't let him stub his tøe. blurryface is resurrected and he's coming back for him. the metaphørs...štåŷ äłïvė fręñš |-/

How can you possibly fall in love with someone you haven’t met personally? Is it okay to give your heart to a person you just known through text in a short period of time? Can your heart be taken by someone just referred by a friend? Why is that, our fragile hearts are made to fall and break easily? What can we teach to ourselves that can easily be understood?

Life is so complicated, so as to our feelings. I want to understand what is this all about. I really want to ensure what I actually feel about you. With that, I want to look for the possibilities tomorrow, the other day and until forever. But still in the end, this is just thought that I hope you are thinking the same.

u know when someone makes a casual observation about u and u have to stay cool but ur dying bc u have been Seen❗️❗️

I love this concept of maknae-line being students playing at arcades, eating food, doing what normal teenagers do, enjoying youth