i just realized that mirai-hen is literally dangan mafia. it’s literally fucking dangan mafia. one person wakes up each night to kill someone (the mafia) and then wakes up with the town and they all vote on who they think did it. it’s literally fucking dangan mafia, it’s just dangan mafia, we’re fuckign watching a dangan mafia game oh my g

does anyone actually enjoy living or are we all doing the thing where u think someone else is having fun so u play along so u dont get left out or ruin their time but really they just think ur enjoying yourself and are doing the same thing

things i’m doing to make my lizards more used to my voice

-reading the martian out loud to them

-singing songs but replacing words to be about lizards (all i want to do is see you turn into, a healthy lizard)

-telling them jokes

-saying their names over and over again

Heart is heavy tonight. Heart can’t comprehend its own words, what it’s trying to scream. Heart wishes it could hold you. Heart yearns to have yours in its arms until all your tears have been shed. Heart is tired of the heartache. Heart is anxious when it comes to hoping you can make it through the night. Heart only ever wants you to be whole.

who wants an aristotle and dante au? i want an aristotle and dante au. have any of y’all even read aaddtsotu because if you haven’t go do that now. it’s a book about two mexican boys falling in love over a few years and it’s precious

-keith is ari. keith is an angry teenager with lots of repressed rage and no outlet for his emotion. keith keeps to himself. keith has his older brother, shiro, who has ptsd and doesn’t talk to keith about it much. he’s an orphan. he doesn’t have many (any) friends. he has no idea what to do over the summer so he just walks around, sometimes picking fights with the other boys who make fun of him. keith goes to the community pool even though he can’t swim and dips his toes in the water while listening to the sexist lifeguards objectify women and hopes he never ends up like that.

-lance is dante. lance is a happier teenager with a loving family and an interest in things like birds, and art. he meets keith when he’s at the community pool and realizes he can’t swim, so he offers to teach keith out of the blue. keith has no idea who this guy is but he’s persistent and doesn’t mind when keith laughs at his name, so he ends up letting lance teach him to swim. 

-lance and keith slowly become friends and hang out more, becoming inseparable. lance likes to play dumb games like taking off their shoes and seeing how far they can throw them, and is barefoot 99% of his life. keith is amazed at how friendly lance is with his family and how caring they all are. lance likes to draw while keith reads books out loud in his room.

-one day, while hanging out, lance sees an injured bird with a broken wing and wants to go help it. he walks out into the middle of the street, trying to pick it up, when a car comes around. keith leaps into action, yelling lance’s name and pushing him out of the way of the car. the car runs over both his legs. cue a very, very sad keith in the hospital and a very very sad lance who keeps apologizing and keith, the angsty fuck he is, doesn’t want to hear it. he wants people to stop treating him like he’s a hero or like he did anything special, because it felt like second nature to him. people try to tell him that the fact that it’s special nature is what makes him special, but he isn’t having it. he’s in the hospital for the rest of the summer, then goes through physical therapy to try to use his legs again, and starts working out to keep himself in good physical shape and moving again, and keeps doing this even after he’s been discharged for months.

-while still in the hospital, keith makes lance promise not to cry or to thank him or to apologize. keith is overwhelmed by guilt but tries to agree to the terms, because he doesn’t want to make keith feel worse. lance’s family is going to chicago for a year, and he has to tell keith. before leaving for chicago, lance tells keith the things he loves most are swimming and keith. keith tells him he shouldn’t say things like that, even if they’re true

-lance writes keith all year from chicago. keith sometimes writes back, but lance writes more letters. lance sends him letters about what hes doing, but then keith gets a letter from lance about how he made out with some girl at a chicago party and realized he’d rather make out with boys instead. keith is embarrassed, refuses to respond, and is shocked that lance could openly say stuff like that.

-lance comes back from chicago for the summer. keith has a old red pick up truck and a few friends at this point. lance tells keith that he hopes when his mom has another child that he’ll be a boy that likes girls so that his parents can be proud of a son. keith says he doesn’t have problems with lance’s sexuality, but it’s pretty obvious lance likes keith and keith doesn’t (think he likes) lance. lance asks to kiss keith, and keith says okay, but afterwards says it didn’t work for him.

-lance starts working at a drugstore and starts dating (aka kissing sometimes) this boy that works with him. one day, he gets caught and jumped by some people who saw him kissing his coworker in an alley. he’s put in the hospital. keith is outraged, and goes out to find who did this and breaks the guy’s nose. shiro finds keith angry and covered in blood.

-shiro tells keith that he’s in love with lance, and keith denies it, but shiro says that his actions show he loves lance more than he can handle and he’s running from it. keith realizes it’s true and has a gay panic, but realizes that Bein gay is Okay.

-keith and lance go on a bowling alley date with their parents (mr. and mrs. sanchez and, shiro). keith is surprisingly happy and not angsty because he realized he’s in love with lance. afterwards, they go out into the desert in keith’s red pickup. keith tries to be smiley and make light talk but lance is upset, because keith already said he didn’t return his feelings and feels upset with keith basically flirting with him but knowing that keith doesn’t actually like him.

-keith asks lance if he remembers that time they kiss. lance says of course, like that moment doesnt haunt him every fucking day. keith says ‘you know how i said it didn’t work for me? i lied.’ and kisses lance. they end up happy and making out in the back of his pickup, looking at the stars. keith wonders how he could ever pretend he doesn’t love lance.

and thats about it. i basically spoiled the entire book, minus some of ari’s family stuff that didn’t apply to orphan keith. this got long as fuck. it’s a good au and angry teen keith with a bad grip on emotions is my son. bye