Sica and Sooyoung

From fanaccs, I know that they’re sick. I don’t know how serious it is. I’m worried about Sica more. Remember GGTS scene? I’m afraid because she seem fragile and all.

It’s natural for fans to get worried. Or blame/bash/curse SM. 

But, I think the girls have at least expected this. They are well aware of the schedule and have been preparing for it.

They’re said many times that it’s not their time to slow down. They want to take over the world. They wanna spread their music and their love to fans from all corners of the world. They wanna be loved by ALL. And FAST.

However, their concert schedule is very very heavy. While it being heavy, 10 concerts are fine but SM being the usual jerk will always try to earn extra by adding another four.

I hope they delay a few so that they have enough breaks in between for them to rest and recharge. After all they’re still girls with naturally lower stamina. 

I know the girls worked really hard for these concerts. Maybe they need to push back a few so that they don’t overwork themselves.

If SM carry on with their 14 concerts plus SM Town Paris and continue with GG Tour in Seoul, I’ll just pray for their best health and have enough faith that our girls are STRONG. Our girls are ambitious and hard working but I’m quite sure they’re aware of their fitness and condition. They’ll take care of themselves. As long as SM won’t exploit them further.

They’re already making a lot of money. Money will come in sooner or later. It’s better that they keep the girls healthy and well so that they can continue to bring the cash in for them. If SM don’t, then we’ll confront them. KYM, watch your ass. I'ma burn your ass if you hurt the girls.