Full confession: “Recently I had read about Sunny’s take on the Raw debuts of Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte, stating that she was never a fan of Women’s wrestling and it should be left up to the men after calling Sasha and Becky “Butterfaces” and questioning Charlotte’s in ring talent. The fact that she supports the misogyny that goes on with the Women in the industry and this company is unbelievable and a huge spit in the face to Women like Mae Young and The Fabulous Moolah and to the Women like The Bella Twins, Paige and a plethora of other Female Wrestlers that came before Sunny and before the current crop of Women. To say that us the fans don’t get what a “Diva should be” is asinine because a Diva is not a Diva, the correct and operating word is Women.“




I see photo sets like these on Tumblr all the time so I thought since I love watching the sun set I would try one. I recorded the times corresponding with the pictures because I find it so interesting how quickly something as beautiful as this fades away into the horizon.
Picture #1: 7:12 PM
Picture #2: 7:16 PM
Picture #3: 7:24 PM
Picture #4: 7:38 PM