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Letter from Sungjong to Members (from Real Men filming)

(I can’t exactly remember every single thing in the right order so here we go)
To our members:

By this time I would be finishing training and sleeping ㅠㅠ I’m so sad that I couldn’t be with everyone for our 5th anniversary. You guys must be bored, there’s no one to make fun of. Since I’m going to the army before everyone else, I’ll come and tell you all about it. And since there is seniority, you guys are lower than me so don’t mess with me. You know there’s a saying that a man isn’t a man until they go to the army, so I’m a man, you’re all babies. Sungkyu hyung, don’t bully the other members. I hope that we, Infinite stays together for 10…100 years.

P.S Sungkyu hyung, don’t bother the other memebers, Dongwoo hyung don’t say weird things, Woohyun hyung don’t overdo things, Sungyeol hyung know what you’re doimg, Myungsoo hyung ppease talk, Hoya hyung don’t get hurt (feelings)