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Omg yours are so completely different than mine. Haha I'd love to hear your reasoning behind it. Heres mine /post/60916171931/sorting-infinite if youre interested.

Our sorting is so different! It’s cool to see different opinions. I’ll pick Sungjong for fun.

I sorted Sungjong into Gryffindor. The first four traits of Gryffindor are bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry.

For me, this is Lee Sungjong. He had to debut at the age of seventeen, move out of his parent’s house to room with the CEO of all people, and basically risk his academic standing to participate in a group that didn’t even have a guaranteed debut.

I feel like the members have often said that Sungjong is the one who has received the most stress, but as an Inspirit have you ever seen him falter? Have you ever seen Sungjong not participate or smile for his fans?

I feel like Sungjong would be the first person to stand up for a friend. I feel like he would be the member that would want to sneak out and go play. I feel like he is comfortable enough with himself as a person to do whatever the hell he likes (he went on stage in a dress for his coming of age ceremony. that takes balls.) He manages to have the spirit and lightheartedness of someone his age, and yet he knows when it’s time to be responsible and work hard.

No doubt, Sungjong is a strong person. As he has gotten older, I think more of his charms have came to light. He is truly the fearless maknae. Thus, I sort him in Gryffindor!

  • Kwill: Who is your 마니또 (manito-"secret friend" a friend who helps you without you knowing)?
  • Sungjong: I feel that that person is L hyung..I dont know, he keeps touching, grabbing and looking at me, like he's using telepathy with me, like he's saying "I know what you want to say"
  • Sungyeol: My "manito" (secret friend) is the member whose the first words during 2-hour radio show is about me, it's Sungjong.
  • Translation by: qhuong

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myungjong/alljong, prompt: sungjong is casted for we got married. thank you and i love you ♥♥♥

who asked for this. let me profess my love for you. ♥ 

Title: The Worst In-Laws

Summary: Yeah, sure, it sounds like INFINITE would make great in-laws. (In which six hyungs refuse to let their maknae go.)

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Genre: Fluff

Length: 512 words

Summary: He wants to go play in the snow with you.


“Come! Please, please!” You said as you gripped his arm. He pouted.

Why don’t we stay here and watch a movie instead? It’s too cold outside. I want to stay warm.

He couldn’t convince you. You really want to go play outside in the snow.  It was a beautiful day outside, even though it wasn’t sunny. It was snowing, but it was a snowing slowly.

“Please! It will be fun, I swear!” You continue to plead. You did your best cute face to convince him and he couldn’t help but smile.

Okay, okay! You know I can’t say no to you.” He finally agreed. You screamed of joy.  “But after, we’ll watch a movie together.

“And drink hot chocolate!” You added.

He laughed and nodded his head.


You were looking at the sky, watching snow fall gently, swinging from right to left. “It’s so pretty.” You murmured to yourself.

You looked like a child, all wrapped up in your winter clothes. Your cheeks had a little tint of red, but he thought he made you even cuter. When he was looking at you like that, he couldn’t help but to fell for you a little more, if this was even more possible. 

“Snow is really beautiful, don’t you think?”

He shrugged. He didn’t really like winter. He didn’t like cold really much. You looked at him and pouted. He really didn’t want to stay outside. Suddenly, you ran to him and pushed him in the snow. He landed safely on a soft snow bank. You laughed and fall right beside him.  

“It’s super comfy don’t you think?” You asked him, smiling.

It’s cold.” He complained.

“Stop complaining for a little while Sungjongie! Winter can be fun too.”

I definitely prefer summer.” He replied. “But it’s true it’s comfy. Even if it’s cold.

“Stop complaining or I’ll throw snow at you.”

He looked at you, with a fake shocked expression. “You wouldn’t dare?!

 You laughed. Then, you rolled around and land on top of him, your nose against his. He thought you would either kiss him or throw snow at him, but instead, you grinned. “Let’s make a snowman!”

You get up and helped him do so. “______-ah, you can’t do a snowman with that kind of snow.”

You pouted. “I know… Well, let’s just take a walk for a bit, and then, we can go home! Okay?”

He nodded happily. “Okay!”  He took your hands in your and smiled to you.


Aaaah~” He sighed happily. “This is the best part!” He said before you sat next to him on the couch, with your hot chocolate in your hands.

He took a sip of his own hot chocolate. “This is delicious.” He said with joy. “This is so much better than going outside to play in the snow.” He added.

“But it’s fun to play in the snow!” You replied.

You know what’s better than playing in the snow or drinking hot chocolate?” He asked seriously.


Spending time with you.” He answered before he stole a kiss on your lips.