Relationship // Sunggyu


When you broke up with him silently and disappears from his life but he found you and he wants an explanation.

Your eyes traveled up from the shoes you bought him for Christmas two years ago. That pair of shoes that still could last for two year unlike this relationship. His gaze roved over his Rolex watch. It’s five in the evening and you were still not at sight.

Unlocking his phone, he browses through the message app - you didn’t reply to his last message. A worried expression starts to grow on his face. His black locks blocking his veer, his voice that completely melts you when he serenades to you at nights, Sunggyu…

A vibration from your pants made you rivet your attention from him. It was Sunggyu calling you. You contemplate in picking up his call. He should not know you are here, you were just checking if Sunggyu was at the cafe. Since his here, you breathe in relief you switch off your phone and walked away from him. Even though knowing that if you were given a chance again you would still turn your back never to return.

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