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Oh! Can you please write some Hanahaki Disease woogyu (except happy ending maybe because i cant take angst too much ;^; ) ps your writing is beautiful :')

The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient throws up and coughs up flower petals when they suffer from one-sided love. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals

sunggyu is sick and tired of these damn flower petals. he’s sick and tired of this stupid love of his, and he’s sick and tired of being sick and tired. every damn time he see’s his bandmate, he finds himself coughing; at first he thought he has the flu, but then those damn white lilies started coming out and he fucking hates the taste of flowers on his tongue. 

he also hates how much it hurts his heart. 

one sided love. that’s the only explanation. 

he’s sure that the others know about it, save woohyun; howon even told sunggyu he could get surgery if he wanted, that would get rid of the flowers and the feelings. he’s still considering it. it would make things easier, it would make the hurt go away, it would make …. it would make him see woohyun differently. 

see that’s the problem. he doesn’t want to see woohyun differently. he likes the way he sees his friend now, despite the damn pain in his chest and the stupid flowers, he likes how woohyun smiles and how his laughter is like music. he likes the stupid agyeo and grease, he likes everything. maybe if he got the surgery, the way he likes everything would go away too. 

but he doesn’t want that. 

“you’re stupid.” he tells himself, watching as the petals fall to the floor, “you’re so fucking stupid.”

one day the flowers stop.

the coughing stops and he knows, he fucking knows that he hasn’t stopped feeling the way he does for woohyun - so why? and then, he sees woohyun look his way and he noticed the light flush to his cheeks and sunggyu blinks and - holyshit. 

things seemed to work themselves out. 


160204 My Infinite Television (kakao tv live) - Sunggyu’s Genie Time

32:32 - 33:09 His self written/produced song. He sang it on YHY Sketchbook a while back. On this one, added a little bit more to the song.

이 고요함에 두 귀는 멎고
(My two years are deafened by this silence)
근사한 불빛은 아직은 빛나
(These magnificent lights still shine)
텅빈 외침에 내 입술은 굳어
(My lips stiffen at an empty scream)
아직 남아있는 네 아름다움을…
(Your beauty that still remains…)