So can we talk about kookie's entrance ceremony?

You know, he is entering high school, that’s a really important moment in his life, but he is far away from his family.

But he got all his hyungs instead supporting him.

They were deadly tired, but cheering through all morning.

Just look at jimin, so proud and happy for kookie. (don’t look at V, that’s just his default face)

They were there, with all the mothers supporting their childs. They didn’t listen music, play with the phone or go away, they were looking at kookie all the time making him feel at ease: 

And taking pictures of him (even with phones) as a real family would do:

And it’s great because they make jungkook feel less nervous and that he is not alone:

And the pictures don’t stop. After the entrance ceremony there’s more pictures of the happy maknae and the proud hyungs:

I always though they were really close because they live together, sleep together and they’ve been through a lot of things together, but I really wasn’t expecting this. The most of them were really proud and happy for him all the time, always looking at him, like real blood-related brothers, taking care of him. I felt like they really were a real family. I feel like crying with those pictures and tweets (and laugh with Suga’s tweet with the fantake pictures praising Jungkook).

Bonus: Proud dads/hyungs Yoongi and Hoseok:

 So dead serious looking at their younger brother’s important moment…

EDIT: Yeah, his parents went after all!