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anonymous asked:

Gif reaction to when jhope suga rapmon jin found out that you have been pregnant but been hiding it cause you didnt want them to worry cause they are always busy with their schedule (dating of course):)

if ya can’t tell, i’m posting so much because i’m avoiding doing my physics hw lol so expect a lot of me today

Jin: *gets emotional* I’m so happy jagi, but I wish I would’ve known sooner, I want to help you, scheduling aside. 

Rap Monster: *mind blown* Are you serious?! You’re 10 weeks pregnant?! Why didn’t you tell me?!

J-Hope: *doesn’t even care about you not telling him earlier* *just happy to be a father* I’M A DADDY~!

Suga: *goofy smile* Oh my God…How were you able to keep this from your Suga for so long? I know a great name too—!

You: Yoongi, we’re not calling the baby Swag Jr.

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