To be quiet honest at first I didn’t like Suga I just thought he’s arrogant.But when I randomly clicked on his bday video and saw how he puts efforts in writing 300 handwritten notes and wrapping up snacks and then writing 50 more for those who couldn’t get any gifts gave me such a different opinion.I straight up characterized him for something he isn’t.And now that I also read some of his lyrics(e.g. his comeback trailer) I started to have mad respect for this guy

husband yoongi would include...

married + getting married to yoongi be like…

▪ him playing with his ring subconsciously
▪ you being on his mind 24/7
▪ getting a nice small comfy apartment
▪ getting a built in studio for him
▪ fucking in the studio to make it feel at ‘home’ lmaoooo
▪ meeting his grandmother
▪ serious min yoongi
▪ telling you he loves x10 more
▪ “i knew you were the one”
▪ him not sleeping the day before the wedding
▪ going to the studio to calm down
▪ gummy smile 24/7 the day of the wedding
▪ tearing up when he sees you in your dress
▪ but he’s not going to cry bc he’s min yoongi -_-
▪ saying his vows in a shaky voice
▪ he might have a little rap in his vows lol
▪ “you’re mine…you’re really mine”
▪ “im all yours min yoongi” teARSSS
▪ showing you all his affection when yall are alone
▪ kissing you all night and not caring if bts teases him bc he’s so happy
▪ you playing with his ring when you play with his hands
▪ feeding him the wedding cake
▪ rapmon making a corny speech for you two
▪ “yah yah yah sit down namjoon”
▪ him saying mrs. min with his gummy smile goodbyefuck
▪ sexy honeymoon
▪ “aren’t you happy you found a man like me?”
▪ “shutup and make love to me”