Stephen Amell anwsering question: Fuck Marry Kill the cast of Supernatural?


Imagine: You make Sammy and Dean some really good food and then fall asleep telling old hunting stories. You fall asleep on one of the boy’s shoulders. The other one covers you with a blanket while you’re half asleep. Everyone is safe and happy, just for that night. [x]

Y/N: *mumbles sleepily* That was a good hunt… *falls asleep on Dean’s shoulder* 
Dean: Alright, sweetheart. *smiles* Get them a blanket, Sammy.
Sam: *tucks a blanket over you* Sleep well, Y/N. *smiles* *pauses* It’s nice- this.. For once, we’re not nearly dying.
Dean: Yeah, that is a novelty… *smiles* 

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Terrible photo but we tried. I fucked LOST MY SHIT when I saw @misha driving the @officialgishwhes van around, I just stood there like an idiot like shaking and waving with a dumb grin on my face and now I can die happy. #sdcc2016 #fangirl #castiel #spn #bae #spankbank (at San Diego Convention Center)

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