I Freaking Love You

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Words:  1697
Requested by Anonymous:  Have you ever written something where the reader gets drunk and admits her feelings for Dean? If so could you please write something like that? With le smut? Thanks beauty 😘😘😘 

Warning: Smut

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          You had had a little too much to drink. Not enough to not know what was going on. But enough to make you stumble slightly and you knew your words would probably slur if you tried to talk.

           You got the key out of your pocket and went to the door of the motel room. You always had your own room from the guys. Always. Because you all thought it was important for you to have your privacy and space away from Dean and Sam.

           But as you were fumbling with the key, the deep voice of Dean Winchester sent tingles through your entire body, “Having problems, Sweetheart?” he teased.

           “M’fine,” you slurred slightly.

           “Whoa,” Dean chuckled, “A little too much to drink tonight?”

           “Had fun,” you shrugged.

           “I guess that’s all that matters,” he said, “Here, let me help you,” he took the key from you and expertly opened the door.

           “Thanks,” you said, stumbling slightly as you went into the room.

           “You need some help?” he asked, holding your elbow to steady you.

           “Got it,” you said.

           “If you need me, you call, okay?” he asked.

           “M’kay,” you nodded.

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Fanfiction Recommendations Feb. 15- Feb. 22

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I did this for the first time last week and people seemed to like it so I though why not continue making them. I think I’ll make it a Wednesday thing! Here is some of the amazing works I’ve read and been tagged in this past week. Enjoy!

If you want to be included in the future feel free to tag me in your writing!



Winchester Sister/Daughter




So I’ve been thinking about this for a long while

What would you guys think about a Supernatural cookbook? And/Or a video series showing y’all how to cook said meals?

Ever since I started watching the show, I’ve been jotting down little ideas for recipes that most definitely go with the characters. The cookbook/video series would have recipes based after characters, species (Angels, demons, vampires, etc…) and even ships (I surprisingly have a cake based off of Megstiel)

Would you pals be interested in something like this? If I were going to be selling it, it’d be super fucking cheap because I know people are broke (like $5-$9) and it’d have tons and tons of recipes, cooking tips, ‘cheats’ for the lazy pals, and original art/photography. Not to mention that I’d be directing the video series myself, so they’d have a skit, the cooking of the recipe, and pro tips at the end.

I’d also throw in some drink recipes, both alcoholic and not!

The recipes are named after characters, ships, episodes, weapons, and quotes (The ‘So Get This’ pasta tasted like heaven tbh) and the cooking difficulty ranges from novice to expert. Also, I threw in some vegetarian/vegan options!

For perspective, I’ve been cooking for going on 16 years underneath my father and uncle (My uncle was the first black head chef at Saks Fifth Ave. Fun fact!) So I know my shit when it comes to cooking.

Anyways, what do you think? Good idea, or throw it in the trash?

Bean Boozled.

Anon requested- 

2- “I bet you ten bucks”

17- “I told you so”

31- “Why’re you laughing? This isn’t funny, Y/N”

You were sat in the library with Sam, Dean had gone out on a hunt demanding that Sam stayed behind since he had a sprained ankle, you offered to stay and Dean took Cas with him.

Your feet were kicked up on the table, your headphones were in your ears with the volume turned all the way up and your head was tilted back as far as it could go, feeling a tap on your shoulder you opened your eyes to see Sam looking down at you, pulling out your headphones you sat up and crossed your legs, “what’s up?”,  he pulled out a small box from behind his back and a grin settled on your face “aren’t those the Bean Boozled Jellybeans?” You asked grabbing them, nodding he sat next to you.

“Do you really think they’re as bad as people say?” He questioned, you shrugged and started opening it “only one way to find out” you answered, pouring the jelly beans on the table in front of you. Picking one up you examined it, “okay, that one is either… Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg” Sam grimaced as he read of the flavours, you shrugged and popped it in your mouth, you chewed and smiled “buttered popcorn, thank god!” You praised causing Sam to chuckle.

Sam picked one up and looked at the flavour sheet, “okay, this is either… Oh god, it’s either Peach or Vomit” he sighed, taking in a deep breath he popped it in his mouth, he chewed and went to spit it out but you forced his mouth shut “nope, you have to swallow it or you loose” you laughed, he groaned but swallowed it. You sat back and laughed while Sam just glared at you, “Why’re you laughing? This isn’t funny, Y/N. That was disgusting” he whined, making you laugh even harder.

“I’d like to see you try one without spitting it out” he muttered, sulking in his chair, you wiped your eyes and looked at him, “I bet you ten bucks, I can eat a handful of those things without spitting them out” you challenged, Sam raised a brow at you before holding out a hand, “deal” he spoke, shaking your hand with his you grabbed a good sized handful and sighed before putting them in your mouth.

Chewing quickly, you kept your eyes shut tight and your face was scrunched up, swallowing them you let out a breath and looked towards Sam who’s eyes were wide “I told you so” you smirked, “how have you not vomited?” He asked surprised, you went to answer when a weird feeling erupted in your stomach, standing up you looked at your brother, “hold on to that thought” you answered before running towards the nearest bathroom, you could hear your brothers footsteps not far behind.

Yeah, this was a bad idea.


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hElloo again - its been a while since i’ve posted so here’s a little drabble I did. Also I just watched Split and I think it was pretty good. (this isn’t a promotion, i’m just putting a little opinion out there :)) anywayssss, gummies became life savers ~ constructive criticism encouraged ~ enjoy!

Embarrassment and fear are slowly creeping up on you with every clap of thunder. But how ironic is that? You spend almost all your time fighting monsters and getting injured, facing things that could be really hard to imagine - and understand, at that. But of course, of all things to be scared of, it was thunderstorms.

But everyone has a weakness, right? No matter how strong you are, mentally and physically.

Wave after wave of booming thunder rolled through the bunker. Even through what you thought was the impenetrable pile of blankets layering on top of you. And every roar was followed by your muttered whimpering.

You were trying your darndest hardest to not scream like a little bitch - you fought monsters for cryin’ out loud! But one would occasionally slip through. Which would make your childhood fears spike once again, thinking you had upset the storm since an even louder thunder clap would sound out.

You may have figured out a way to keep you at least a little bit protected from the anger boiling outside, but location was never a strong suit for you. You never handled the map on hunts and you never lead the group in or out of anyplace with more than 2 floors.

So in what was a blind panic, you huddled up underneath the table in the main room. Waiting for the cows to leave home; for the light to turn red; for the bully to stop bullying. And yet, it felt like it would never come.

After a few silent moments, you were convinced the storm had rolled through. The layers were peeled back as you peered at your surrounding from under the table, as if the storm were physically inside the bunker searching for you.

You crawled out from under the table, scanning your environment. “[y/n], there you are! Me and Dean have been looking all over for you.”

Another jolt of thunder shook the bunker as you were getting ready to respond. Your hands went straight for your ears as your body gave out underneath you, curling into a tight ball. A squeal left your mouth; of course when your boyfriend was around, self-embarrassment became your replacement.

Sam rushed by your side, trying to keep his laugh down. As his arms wrapped around your balled up body, he felt the intense shaking that pulsed throughout your body. It seemed like the thunder was getting closer as it got louder and louder.

Suddenly, the excessively loud thunder was drowned out by some music you couldn’t put your finger on. The comforter was pulled over you and Sam as you began to realize the quick transition from the main room floor to the cold sheets. Warmth soon took over as Sam pulled you closer into his chest, his hand rubbing your back.

He knew you couldn’t hear him, for all sound was being drowned out by some random music choice. But he still spoke the knowledge that you were silently becoming aware of: “I won’t let anything hurt you, ever.”