Skyrim Attire v2 by zzjay - Download

These are just preview pictures I will take more soon! Sorry that I haven’t posted anything in a while! Been really busy and haven’t been able to get on much.

*Tales of Xillia has been taking a lot of my time when I have free time. Gaius is cute I can’t help it with my love for Bishonens*

But anyways, here’s some cute pictures of Valeriel! I really was so happy to hop back on Skyrim to see how beautiful my game looks with Cirilla ENB again. If only her skin was darker but its fine she still looks great.

I remember I was at this boy’s house and I was playing Skyrim (because I saw he had it and I’m a nerd) and he had a PS3 so I didn’t really know the controls because I have an Xbox 360 and I accidentally changed into a werewolf in daylight in a town and then I’m like “whoops I already fucked up” and then just continued eating everyone