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Will we ever see Eska's daughter?

I think I posted a picture or two of her already! But for those who don’t know her yet, say hello to Sleeps-on-Moss.

She’s a devoted servant of the Night Mother and got a penchant for the occult and overdramatic.

You can find all Moss related content here.

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Kill The Emperor - Part 1

“How do I look?” Kaira asked

“Beautiful now don’t tempt me Da’len” The pink elf smiled as she tidy up her beloved Listener.

“Great, now you’ll keep watch and spread across the building, once the deed is done, we’re out of here.”

“Understood” the all replied.

“Astrid has secured a safe path outside the castle, wait for me there, keep out of sight”

“Can we really trust Astrid is this?….I just… have a bad feeling about this” Rosalie voiced her concern.

“no need to worry, even if she failed in that, all members of the black hand are present here, I trust you all with my life” Kaira reassured the Vampire.

“Still it’s Astrid… I tend to agree with Rosalie’s concern.” Shyvana added.

“Are you sure I cannot accompany you my Listener?” Vel Asked.

“No, it’s better I do this alone, this is the emperor we’re talking about here, every single thing that could arose suspition is out of the question”

“This is the moment we’ve been working on for so long, with this my sisters, we’re restoring the dark brotherhood’s name back to it’s former greatness, and then all shall be open for us to control” she gave a final speech.

“Now to your positions!” she ordered, and her companions followed, all but Gwen.

“Come here.” she grabbed Kaira by the shirt and pulled her to a kiss, making Kaira return her affection.

“For luck… make it beautiful and come back to me” Gwen said with a stricked face.

“Don’t worry, not my first high ranked kill~”

“Be sure to watch from a safe distance” she smiled and with that they parted ways.

Kaira strolled through the garnd courtyard, passing by the impirial guards overhearing how her fake reports regarding Gauis Maro’s son took their effect very well.

she made it towards the entrance only to be stopped by none other than the man who’s life she destroyed.

“The east tower is off limits, please step aside citizen” Commander Maro said.

ok, she wasn’t expecting the commander himself to guard the door, more like guarding the emperor himself, it bugged her for a split second, but she quickly dismissed it from her mind, pulling out the formal docuemts and giving it to the commander.

“I believe this should clear things up, Commander” she said with a serious tone.

The commnder too the papers from her and began reading them a loud.

“By Azura, the Gourmet! Forgive me but we did not know who to expect…”

“it’s alright Commander, you’re just doing you job, but would ytou kindly, grant me entrace so I could do mine?” she said with a warm smile, as expected from a master deciver.

“Of course! the royal cook, has began preperations already, she’ll be overjoyed to see you” he opened the doors and allowed her to pass, she bowed lightly as a sign of thanks and procced into the kitchens.

as she arrived to the kitchens the chef was so busy preparing the pot, she haven’t noticed her guest until she raised her head.

“Yes? can I help you? if you’re a delivery man just put what you brought and begone!” she quickly tried to shoo her away, it’s time to enter the full Charecter.

“You are mistaken, for I am…. The Gourmet!” she preseted as fabulous and as dramatic as she could, thankfully it worked.

“T-The Gourmet?! by the Eight! It is such an honor! I’ve only dreamt of this moment!” the Chef dropped her wodden spoon to the sight of her idol, and rushed to shake her Kaira’s hand, she was so excited she didn’t notice she was shaking it for too long.

“Y-Yes… but now we must cook! for there is an emperor to feed!” she continued her play.

“Yes, yes of course! if you don’t mindI have  taken the libraty of already starting your signiture dish, but I would prefer if we would make the The Gourmet special way” you could almost see the sparkle if her eyes, right now Kaira was a living goddess to her, well then, need to keep up the appearance.

“Yes! let us begin!” she began guiding her Chef about the ingridiants for the dish, thankfully 2000 years of knowlage in all sorts of matters also included some pretty amezing cooking skills.

finally the dish was done, a true masterpiece, a beautiful sight, she was about to faint from keeping up this false appearance for so long but it all comes to an end soon.

“The dish is just perfect, Gourmet!” the chef was overjoyed of the final prouduct, and Kaira smiled as she took a large sip of some mead.

“not we must just add one more thing” she took a small pouch that contained the diced Jaarin route Astrid acquired for her.

“ohh? what is this? a secret seasoning?” the chef was intrigued

“Yes, a Gourmet secret~ that will give the dish even richer falvour.” 

“May I try?” The Chef was so excited and almost took a quick sip from the dish, but was quickly stopped by Kaira.

“Now now, this is for the emperor, once he has eaten, I will make you some as well, we must not delay any further!” the chef looked at her and immediatly dropped the spoon.

“You are right! what was I think, it’s just….it’s been a great honor cooking with you”

“LIkewise, now let us serve!” she pointed towards the exit, as the chef carried out the dish, With Kaira by her side. The emperor’s death was closer than ever, and in her dark corners of mind, Kaira could hear her dear mother chuckling lightly….

Part 2 - coming soon~