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why do you hate skyrim so much, anyway?

To be honest, I don’t… “hate” Skyrim, per-say? Hate’s too strong a word for any game for me, and even then Skyrim isn’t necessarily a terrible game despite how much I dislike it.

Which probably sounds weird, but that’s just me; most games that I dislike aren’t just plain old bad games. I don’t have an emotional dislike of, say, Bubsy, or Superman 64, or so on. They’re shit games, but there’s nothing particularly redeemable about them. They might have had potential, but it’s more conceptual, rather than being very flawed games with some good ideas (like Gates to Infinity, or Super Mystery Dungeon to a lesser extent).

Anyway, to get back to the question, the reason I don’t like Skyrim is because it feels creatively bankrupt.

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Introducing Rektan the Dovahkiin!

Here’s my Dovahkiin, a young grumpy Dunmer named Rektan.
(I might change the name in the future).

He’s often bitter and sarcastic, and sometimes he should hold his tongue.

When his father dies of illness, he decides to leave the poor, barren Morrowind and travel the world, looking for a better life. However, he’s caught by the Imperial guards right after passing the border with Skyrim, and finds himself stuck there with all the Dovahkiin stuff going on.
He hates Skyrim and the Nords and the cold and everybody, he wishes he could leave, but eventually he’ll learn to accept his role and care for others.


今作業していたModで_msn.ddsの保存形式をミスっていたみたいで、全体的にブロックが出ていましたorz 無事に修正終わったのですが、ここにきてやっとENBmanを使えるようになってきました!(今更)便利ですねコレ!Modとかiniの内容を変えていないのに3枚とも映りが違くて面白かったです。

上からInsomnia、Rampage Extended、ElderBlood。どのENBもかなり昔のバージョンをずっと使っているので、今のバージョンとはかなり映りが違うかもですが_(:3」∠)_

ここ暫くは Rampage Extendedを使っていたんですが、コレを気に気分で入れ替えるのもありかな~?と思っています。