• Me, playing Dawnguard: what's a cliff racer? Why would you canonize someone for killing them? No one is canonizing the dragonborn but cliff racers can't possibly be as bad as dragons.
  • Me, playing Morrowind, dropping to my knees in prayer amidst a cyclone of sixteen squawking cliff racers swarming me for daring to walk a whole 20 feet towards my next quest objective: O Glorious Saint Jiub, who slew the winged menace...

More nothing wow right!

No motivation for anything this past week.. I don’t know why.

I refit and retextured Nim a new pair of boots, though. Not that I took any pictures, but you might see them someday.

Follower soon maybe.

Dream of fire. ❤

Elder scrolls lore rant

I don’t really understand why the use of multiple time lines is so hated when it comes to elder scrolls. I understand that it’s considered by many to be lazy and a slap in the face to all established lore. But it’s also something that literally every other form of media has used at some point or another. I’m going to use comic books as an example for most of this because it’s the closest I can think of at the moment. Comic books have had the same thing happen to them ( most of the time to a more drastic extent) for far longer than elder scrolls has even been around. Do you know how many times spider man has been retconed!!! It’s alot!!!

Now the elder scrolls is different in that each game has a different hero and the games all take place on a time line instead of all at the same time. And the elder scrolls games have some lore that tie them all together. But I don’t think these things take away from the comparison.

What this has done for comic books is allow different people to inject a little bit of themselves and the time they live in into each new version of the story. And it has the potential to do that for Elder scrolls as well. You could argue it already has with eso ( I know people hate when I use this as an example but like it or not it’s an elder scrolls game) eso is the first elder scrolls game I have played where the fact that the quest giver I talked to was gay didn’t even come up in conversation. In fact when I saved that pirate lady’s wife the fact that I had just done a quest that involved a gay couple didn’t even register to me until after I had already finished it. This is not to say that lore needed to be changed for this to happen. It doesnt, but as the people who work on elder scrolls and the times they live in change, then some small bits of the lore may change with them.

And this doesn’t mean that lore isn’t important anymore. It is, but not to the story the devs are trying to tell.

I have more I want to say but this post is to long already. But you can send me askes if you wanna hear more