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Housewarming Gift - https://imgur.com/a/pLK7D

Small set of Snakestone bringing some mead to Haars new home as a gift. Was mostly done while I was checking out @mrhaars amazing house mod. I suggest give it a try: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/84881/?

Haar belongs to @mrhaar

anonymous asked:

I wish for big Skyrim orc and their smol s/o Headcanons please and thank you -♌️

Orcs (Skyrim)

They probably pick you up, a LOT. And carry you on their shoulders everywhere. Get ready to feel tall.

They’re very aggressive towards anyone who wrongs you- whether that be a passing comment, or a deal gone wrong. Use this as you will.

You may not be an orc, but since you’re in a relationship with one, many don’t consider you as much of an outsider as usual.

They know how much you enjoy pretty things, so get ready for a shitload of jewelry, armor, weapons, etc. All hand-made, of course.


Giving Haar’s Honeyfrost Retreat a look around with Fishing Knight.

The house is perfect for him. Old and troubled by the past, he has everything he needs to forget, give himself a headache, and sleep soundly. With hundreds of bottles of mead he could sedate himself for years. At times he will talk to his helmet, a reflection of his past and younger self, the face known by armies of friend and foe alike, a reminder.

Honeyfrost Retreat is secluded, cozy, and placed by a river with a back porch that makes a perfect fishing spot. Though all that he once knew has aged before him, and laid to rest, inside the little den is plenty of space for company and a bedroom upstairs with wonderful lighting and a study. No fancy alchemy stations or enchanting doodads; plain, simple, comfy. I’d endorse it more than once if I could.

I’m also counting on it getting to hotfiles so we get free drinks, where you have to take a big group shot of a party with everyone in it who helped don’t think I’ll forget @mrhaar


Complaints & Endless Scold After Sitting by the Banquet of Vampires

Disgust after knight sits by the horrific banquet of gore & cannibalism. Multiple vampires have been reported dead in the dungeon, glowing ashes and among other oddities were tracked, and a large spider that was randomly spotted after a cold-blooded stab in the butt— dead. The complaints did not end up by the end of the cave, though, as soldiers of Stormcloak mentioned that the two women argued during the snowstorm until traveling to Ivarstead. 

“How dare you sit by that bloodied table?!” — One chirped. The faceless knight seemed to take such scolding silently, and thick silence was never broken until they relaxed by Vilemyr Inn, where she broke the silence with her apology.

Authorities say that the night was quiet and relaxing, and that rumors of complaints of neighbors were nonexistent.

More news at eleven.