they say you can’t but you can, they say it’s just a dream but you make it, they say you will not get for your dream but you get it, they say you don’t know but you becoming know everything. they throw the words to you in easy but you throw their words behind you and get in your only dream “ fame with love and friends ” and you take them in insistently and strength .. just keep smile, we always with you.


I started training when I was 12. It was interesting and I always viewed it as a fun hobby. It was certainly difficult at times as a young girl, committing to the training, but I tried my best to keep it fun and interesting without putting any pressure on myself. Honestly, when I started, I saw it as a new after-school activity. I had no idea it would turn into what it is today. However, I think I’m still the same old me from when I started – just a more matured version. - Jessica


“It’s really hard when we have a full schedule since we aren’t able to sleep, so we get emotionally and physically tired. But every time that happens, I see that the other eight members are performing as much as I am while being as tired as I am. They, being my members, are my companions, and I get the strength to continue on. I just get strength from them because we’re together.” - Jessica