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Shadow era c: it was my favorite era mostly because I had just discovered them so finding out that they were still a group and making music made me happy. It was like a turning point to me. It made me become a kpoper ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Admin Taffy ^-^: Shadow era was a really haunting, but so mesmerizing at the same time.  One of my top favs <3 Glad it introduced you into the kpop world ;D

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Shadow Era

The title of an iPad game I recently downloaded. This is TCG (Trading Card Game) very much like Magic The Gathering or any similar games BUT on the iPad of course.

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The cool thing about this game is that it’s free to play, it has online connectivity so you can play with other people and it does not require money to collect cards, unless you want to get ahead faster of course.

Heres some features taken directly from their website:

  • amazing card art to rival even the top trading card games
  • currently more than 100 cards and new cards being added constantly
  • cross-platform multiplayer battles
  • fantastic 3d graphics and special effects
  • awesome custom soundtrack
  • free to play, low cost to expand

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I just can’t help it when I see TCG games for some reason… my nerd self gets lose 8D~

Found a TCG for the IPhone/IPad! (Shadow Era)

I’ve wanted this for a looooong time. It plays exactly like WoW TCG too, the only difference I see is that every hero has a reusable ability, and they have to charge up a certain amount of turns to use it.

But the whole thing is free, with micro payments made for boosters and new decks and stuff. All the rules are right there in interface, which is surprisingly easy to navigate, although a bit too tiny (It was definitely made for the IPad first).

Shadow Era updated, deck niggles sorted!

Finally, they have updated the deck builder in Shadow Era, a lot better in every way.

This is an update on Android and iOS, Web version and PC!

If you haven’t given it a go I recommend it; imagine something similar to Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh but really nice to play and totally free.  

You can spend money but don’t need to to do well in the game.

Review soon.