This is the moment, John thinks. This is the moment where he should tell him. He wants to tell him and it’s the perfect time to do it. They’re in bed and Sherlock is spooning him, they only just managed to adjust to the perfect position, they’re both comfortable and only half-sleepy and John can feel Sherlock’s breath on his neck and he knows Sherlock can also feel his own pulse because the back of his hand lies under the side of John’s throat, and the intimacy of it all is the perfect result of these few weeks they’ve been sleeping together. Ok. It’s now.

God, why is it so hard? They’re such simple words. I love you. See? It’s easy. Well, it’s not supposed to be easy, it has never been easy, especially as far as he was concerned, but really, they’re only three little words. They’re how he feels. And tonight he wants Sherlock to know. Ok.

But he’s going to sound so stupid. I love you. It would sound just weird, wouldn’t it? Maybe “I’m in love with you” would be better. But if you’re going to make a longer sentence you might as well have some sort of an introduction. Sherlock, I want to tell you something… Now that would sound stupid. And he can’t say it while turning his back to Sherlock anyway, can he? Should he turn over and, like, hug him? But they’re so comfortable right now and he loves the safe pressure of Sherlock’s chest against his shoulder blades. Damn, perhaps the man has even fallen asleep by now. John bites his lip. Maybe he should just get it out. I love you. Like that. What can happen anyway? Or maybe he should…



“You won’t stop wriggling. Your breathing has grown faster and heavier. You keep swallowing. What is it?”

John grew still. Okay, this wasn’t going to make it any easier.

“I, uh…”

Jesus, why was he so utterly incapable of talking?


He turned around to face Sherlock and interwined their legs. Come on Watson, you can do this.

“I just, uh… need to make sure that erm… I mean, I want you to now that…”

Fuck fuck fuck that wasn’t good at all. Sherlock’s eyes were indecipherable as he waited calmly.


“Well it’s been some time now and I want you to know how much I love you because to me it’s for real, this, us, and we know that it’s for real but there’s this moment where we have to acknowledge that it’s for real and I feel it’s now so I needed to tell you because yeah well I… am in love with you. There.”

Sherlock was quiet.

“Well that wasn’t so terrible in the end” John whispered to himself.


“Yes Sherlock”


Sherlock’s eyes were suddenly shut. John felt the urge to put his lips on Sherlock’s, to stop them from shaking. As he did so, Sherlock drew their bodies closer to each other until he was holding John in a tight, tight embrace, hiding his face against John’s shoulder. John closed his eyes too. He knew this instant was precious and he held his breath.

“John John John John John

… I love you too.”

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You lowered your head as Anderson insulted you again. Usually, no one helped you but today was special, “Anderson, don’t talk out loud,” Sherlock muttered as he walked in, “you lower the IQ of the whole street. (y/n)’s actually the one who increases the IQ. At least she’s actually worth something.”


My sister and I are doing a thing. Words cannot describe how upsetting Silent Hill: Revelation was for the both of us. So, we decided to try and attempt to write a script for a Silent Hill 4 movie. ♡ at the moment, Jordyn (my sister) is playing through while I take notes. We haven’t actually started the script… Jordyn seems confident we can actually make something of ourselves with this script but I’m such a negative nelly. sigh… For me, this is just for fun at the moment because how awesome would it be to see this on the big screen? Or at least a screen Silent Hill fans and horror fans alike can enjoy. I’d love to share once we actually start writing the script if anyone is curious. ♡

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"If you can promise you won't forget, I can promise it will never stop being true." for Sherlock?

Sherlock rarely ever told you how he felt. He didn’t like putting his emotions out there and taking his guard down. He felt vulnerable; too weak. He felt like an open target, ready for someone to hit. That’s why he only ever opened up in the dead of night when it was just you and him awake.

You were talking in a hushed whisper about something that Mrs Hudson had told you that day about her criminal past when Sherlock mumbled, “I love you.” You knew he loved you, he always showed you, but he’d never said it before.

You stopped talking and looked up at him as a slow smile grew on your face, “I love you, too.”

“I don’t tell or show you enough,” He murmured, “But I do love you.”


“If you can promise you won’t forget, I can promise it will never stop being true.” He told you in a soft whisper.

You nodded, “I promise.”

“Then I do, too.” He whispered before kissing you. He wasn’t the easiest of men but god, he was one of the best.

and that’s the god honest truth | sasuhina

when naruto asked her to be his girlfriend, hinata does not hesitate but immediately says yes to the proposal. to even be considered as naruto’s close friend was a dream; to be his girlfriend, now, hinata can finally die happy.

of course, being naruto’s girlfriend means she also has to hang out with naruto’s friends. one in particular was a certain, brooding uchiha sasuke.

it’s not so much that uchiha sasuke has done something cruel or mean to her. and it’s not like she had done something to annoy the other boy as well. why should she? he’s naruto’s best friend, an important person. and hinata has to make a good impression for her to know that he too approves of their relationship. she needs to know if he approves of her.

but uchiha sasuke—uchiha sasuke is difficult. difficult to please. whenever she’s around, especially with naruto, he wears this irritating look on his face like she pissed in his drink or something. hinata does various things to make uchiha sasuke like her, but none of it work.

naruto tells her that uchiha sasuke is complicated, and hinata tries to understand for naruto’s sake. naruto tells her to give uchiha sasuke time, and hinata is always patient, like she has been patient to be with naruto since her childhood crush of him. naruto assures her that uchiha sasuke will warm up to her presence eventually, except it has been three months into their relationship and uchiha sasuke has still not approved of her and naruto.

because hinata just can’t read uchiha sasuke well. she doesn’t know what makes him angry or happy or sad. he wears the same monochromatic expression (which is a large frown on his face whenever she and naruto are on a date) every time she sees him.

so hinata decides to dislike him. because she hasn’t done anything wrong, she thinks that uchiha sasuke just doesn’t like her, doesn’t like the fact that she is now naruto’s important person. that instead of supporting naruto and her, he was being a brat and not wanting to share his friend. 

hinata thinks this and so decides that if uchiha sasuke wants to bring his unpleasant disposition to the grave, then she can gladly die happy not obsessing over whether uchiha sasuke likes her or not.

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