Selca game!
Post your Top favourite selcas and tag 10 people. Lets spread the beauty of girls~

So, i was tagged by sweetie @squishybummiein this selca game ! Thank you, dearie <3 I don’t have proper pics with me since i came back home, so i’m posting some i took back when i was in Lisbon ( nostalgic mood on ;; )

tagging: @shineetho, @herewegobebe, @chu-mins, @incretaeble, @jong3key4ev3r, @flamingflamint  ..annd whoever wants to do this ^.^


just gonna dump these photos on my personal tumblr. 

the photo up top is one of my favorite photos  - it’s honestly not very flattering or pretty looking at all, but I feel like it exemplifies that no matter how cool I’ll try to be on the outside, I’m always going to be a motherfucking loser. I don’t mean it in a bad way, but I guess I mean it in a sense that I’m always going to be myself, despite it all.