Francisco Pascual Angulio
1(615)830-3105 1(920)397-4486 (615)232-8420 (858)295-9943
He’s a disgusting scammer. He makes a new account about once a month and God only knows how many emails and phone numbers he’s made just to scam more girls.
He’s broke, will send you pictures of him with money or his nice house but he doesn’t even live alone. He tells girls he drives an M3 but drives a Prius. He uses fake names and usually uses usernames like “free pizza party” ex. He complained to someone about a $33 dinner being too expensive. He made a girl pay a tip on a $50 tab because he didn’t have enough money
None of his info lead back to him or his criminal record so he’s using a fake ID
I never met him, I only had a bad gut instinct on him after he asked me for my address multiple times to pick me up, deleted and remade accounts and messaged me again with the same photos, said nasty shit like “you’re cool with NSA FWB right? I just wanna make sure you’re a down chick and not some prude.”
This guy is a sick fuck. He had me convinced that girls were messaging him because of my blacklist post that wanted to get with him! Obviously a trick to get me to delete my post.
He will NOT pay you and he will come onto you aggressively.
He’s convincing enough that he had 2 girls drive to Nashville all the way from Atlanta (3.5) hours. He promised them each $3,000 and robbed them of their time and money-not even offering gas cash. He had them come and leave within hours of eachother, so he’s gotten so good at scamming that he scams multiple girls per day.
OH and when girls talk about what a sick fuck he is he THREATENS them trying to get them to delete posts like this so no one can track one of his numbers back to it.


Unlike Ike, Bayonetta seems like she’ll be hunting the angels 24/7.  That stinks! And from sources, I’ve learned Bayonetta is at least 500 years old.  …Well, Dark Pit is correct in a way…

You can definitely expect some silliness from the angels and Bayonetta haha~

The bears respond to the current drama of the fandom (Louis’ alleged baby, Harry apparently going solo etc) with a toilet scene. The book RBB s holding is home-made and uses the British spelling of ‘diarrhoea’ but there is an American socket in the bottom left. Posted by @Rbbsbbofficial - 28th of January, 2016


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As tradition, the 2015 version of Twelve Days of Smash! Some lyrics from last year were change while others are kept since they were too good haha.  I hope you all have fun with this and N-joy~

1.) Kirby
2.) Splatoon
3.) Smash (Samus and Little Mac)
4.) Starfox
5.) Sonic
6.) Pokémon
7.) F-Zero
8.) Legend of Zelda
9.) Smash (DK and Mr. Game & Watch)
10.) Super Mario Bros (Power Ups from 3D World)
11.) Earthbound
12.) Kid Icarus

Merry Christmas, pep!