Rose, Belina and Olivia Model Sheets (From S01E11 “Step Right Up”)

Here are the designs of our three favourite orphans : Rose (a.k.a “Lil Iris”), Belina (a.k.a “Lil Talia”) and Olivia (a.k.a “Lil Auriana”). It was kind of fun creating these three characters, and making the three of them different from their “favourite LoliRock”. 

Ah, and as a bonus, the model sheet of Talia without her jacket and shoes, as it was asked a few times. :)

This episode was the first one to be storyboarded by Anaïs “Noon” Chevillard, who’ll also storyboard episodes 15 “Stitches”, 24 “Smart”, and in second season episode 24 “Forget You” and music video 10 “Never Give Up”.