RYC #86 Screenshots + bonus :)

My screenshots from ‘SO MUCH HATE | Reading Your Comments #86′ - I think I got some pretty good ones :)

Lots of funny faces as always XD

This one almost looks like a normal photo rather than a screenshot :’) let’s take a moment to appreciate this beautiful green beacon

but I think we all know one picture that beats all of them…

You’re welcome

I honestly don’t care if people think RYC is stupid or pointless. I’ve been going there for almost 2 years and I love it there. Some people go there because it’s just a huge weekend party, but I actually enjoy it without drinking. It’s so much fun to get away from home, meet new people, and more importantly: have a good time.

I also don’t care if people think that I’m “a fake redneck” for going there. I was raised in the South and I have values that I’ve learned from my grandfather and parents. Going there doesn’t change anything about me.

The point of RYC is to go hang out with friends, camp out for a weekend, meet new people and go mudding.

Big thanks to my friend Jessica for introducing me to there. Also, for cruising around during the day, and most importantly, partying at the concerts every night!


“I am fighting against time.”

I was crying the whole time when he shared his story. It’s hard to see a little boy telling everyone that he only got 4 years to life because of a heart defect.

Despite of his illness, he still has a positive outlook on life and it amazes me that he speaks in front of people to let them know that God is and will always be with you. He’s a real inspiration.

He wants to become a missionary someday and he won’t be able to achieve his dream for his time isn’t enough. So make a difference. Please pray for him. Pray that he may be cured so that he can inspire more people to do good things and value the life that they have.