오늘 아침부터 심쿵모먼트 20120524번 #빅스 넘나 눈부셔서 쳐다볼 수 엄따 엄써~ 다들 공감하시져..? 내맴=별빛맴 #더쇼 #THESHOW

20150524 Starting this morning, heart-fluttering #VIXX who shine so brightly, one cannot look away~ 😭 Everybody understands right..? Our entirety = Starlights’ entirety😭 #TheShow

trans: @hakyeon-go-go


My boys. My ever so talented, loving, hardworking, concept-dol babes. You’ve come so far! With a few bumps in the road, but Starlights are always here for you! Stay the strong, loving, and healthy boys that you are and continue doing amazing music that makes everyone’s hearts shine! Vixx & Starlight together for the next 500 years! 💕🌸 Love, Starlights🌟

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