starry-ni-te  asked:

How do you edit your gifs (I mean adding text)? Thanks in advance

Hi :) thanks for asking,I hope I’ll explain it okay.

I do my edits with Photoshop CS6 Extended. Firstly,of course, you open Ps and click on this little text sign:

After that you just write whatever you want. My example is suitable to my blog heheh

and then go to Layer>Layer Style>Drop Shadow

I usually use the shadow option because if the background of the gif is white you can’t really see the text. And it looks cool ;))

once you click Drop Shadow a box will show up..  These are my settings:

I mostly use simple fonts because it makes my edit more natural and serious. Mostly Arial+Bold+Italic

But I recomment you to always experiment,try new and original fonts/edits/gifs.. People will love it:)

I download my fonts from DaFont –they’re great!

I really hope I helped.. Sorry for the late reply. If you need anything,well……I’d do anything for you.you can always count on me. 

I love getting questions :D