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In efforts to post regularly on here again I (once again) deleted all of my pasts posts and am in the process of revamping this blog. Clean slate, fresh start. Kinda.  

Ok, that’s it for now. A serious update will be on the way for anyone who cares. Also, thank you to everyone who is still following me. :)

Wow I just watched a Syrian drama/movie where the girl is deeply in love with a super sweet super awesome guy who her mom loves and alla dat…and then he dies in a car crash and she’s left alone and heartbroken. She ends up marrying a random guy living in America so she can escape Damascus so she won’t have to be reminded of her fiancé on every street and ends off with a statement about how she’ll never love another person after her fiancé because her heart has died. And nooooow all I can think about is what if that happens to me 😩

I was intending on only buying a water bottle but I got carried away and bought a ton of shit I don’t really need:

  • A gem necklace since my previous one broke.
  • Scrunchies!!! I have a new love for scrunchies and it’s become my signature look at work lol. I recently lost my beloved maroon one so I’m extra excited for this. 
  • World map tapestry and lights for my future apartment bedroom.
  • Brita water bottle because who doesn’t love clean, filtered water?
  • NASA hat! Yesss.
  • NASA car decal, too! 
  • (Can you tell I like NASA? And space? And science?)
  • Polaroid snap digital camera + film.

Ooook I’m trash. No more spending for me.


Maryland just made it law to fund Planned Parenthood

  • On Thursday, Maryland became the first state to formalize its commitment to funding Planned Parenthood, with a law that says the state will use its own spending to reimburse clinics if the federal government slashes their funding.
  • According to the Washington Post, Gov. Larry Hogan allowed the bill to pass into law without his signature, along with 14 other measures. Read more. (4/7/17, 10:42 AM)

Can you say salty? Sexualized where? Touka, an adult, decided to have sex with the man she loved, where is the problem? She wasnt the only one that was naked and exposed. We got naked Kaneki too, it wasnt just sexy naked Touka for fans and Kaneki to ogle. Why isnt anyone saying shit about Kaneki being “sexualized”? is that not a double standard? Are we saying Kaneki, as a man, cant be sexaulized?  I mean dude was pretty naked as I recall. If their problem is Touka being sexualized why dont they feel the same for Kaneki? He was equally naked, we even got a close up of his ass.

Also 99.9% of the time we have seen Touka on screen she’s been fully clothed. We’ve never seen her in some super sexy get up, which wouldn’t even be a problem as long as its in character. So I fail to see where she’s been the victim of being sexualized for fan service.

To the other people bitching about Touka being depicted as :one of those women" you can shut your misogynistic mouths. We know damn well what “that kind of woman” means. Again why are we going after only Touka? Is she having sex by herself? No, Kaneki is a fully willing participant too. Yet I dont see people implying he’s “that kind of person”. 

Is the problem that she initiated? Are people saying that women who initiate sex are “sluty”? What are we just supposed to wait for a guy to ask us marry them and then wait for them to make the move? What kind of stupid logic is that? 

Then we have people implying that Kaneki is the victim of pressure or assault when Touka clearly pulls away from the first kiss and Kaneki goes back for more. Also note that Touka on the bottom when penetration happens not on top. Kaneki is the one in control in that moment. Its his move, he either pushes forward and penetrates or nothing happens. Kaneki is willing and happy about this.

Haters need to stop trying to hide behind fake concern for Touka or the quality of the manga. Stop trying to hide behind this idea that Ishida disrespected Touka by depicting her making love with the man she loves. People keep calling it hentai but if you’ve ever seen hentai then you know its far more detailed and explicit then this chapter. Hentai has girls bodies on full display, breast bounces around all over the place, genitals fully exposed, positioned in was to show off their bodies. Often the guy is transparent at times just so you can see the females breast, vagina, ass or anus on full display. How in the seven hells is that in anyway similar to how Ishida drew touken making love? Yeah, its not.

Women are not these pure objects for people to place on a pedestals and then toss aside when they no longer fit the “pure” image. Touka isnt any less for having sex, she isnt a slut or a horrid person. Even if she had banged 1, 5 or 20 guys(or women) she’s still not a slut. She lost her virginity and she isnt any less for it and no one should lose respect for her or Ishida for it.

Kill this idea that woman having sex is bad, gross or takes away from a woman.

Everyone with these backwards ideas and stupid ass view can shove it. Touka wasnt horrible sexualized, she isnt now a “slut” and she isnt a abuser either.

(sorry binche for this long rambling submission)


In case you missed it: Rebels PP3 live stream.

Bechloe/Sendrick at those times:

  • 3:25  Brit about Bechloe: “There is no secret”, “We are…we’re whatever.”
  • 8:40 “Kendrick and Brittany will share a room” “But maybe just as friends…”
  • 11:00 Brit on the phone, Rebel: “Are you talking to Kendrick?”
  • 17:50 Rebel to Brit: “Do you have a celebrity crush? Apart from Anna Kendrick?” Brit: “No, that’s it” (confirming it)

If this video ever gets deletes please message me! I have a backup and can re-upload it!

keep seeing fanart of dadbert with hair and yall i am Digusted, this man got banned from cirque du Soleil bc he couldnt control the overwhelming urge to shave a rly hairy performer. he stocks barbasol cans like a doomsday prepper stocks canned beans. and yet you have the gall, the absolute audacity to draw this man with a full head of hair as if he isnt so canonically bald you could  slather him up w vasaline and send himhurtling head-first down an aisle towards a set of bowling pins

People have to accept that death is unavoidable.
They will probably be gone in ten years; their books in one hundred.
People accept this.
Eternality is promised neither to books nor to humans.
We live because we were born.
If the system possesses the
power of life and death over you, you’re no longer human.
You’re livestock.
It’s a mystery to me.
How is that these people, treated as livestock in this boring society,
have not tried at all to destroy it?