seventeen as quotes from college students
  • scoups: go kill it out there! you got this!
  • jeonghan: i've finished my homework, my skin is clear, my family is fed. then i woke up
  • joshua: i swear if someone asks about our paper - *someone asks about semester paper* - that's it. knock me out now
  • jun: another day, another L
  • hoshi: okay, i nutted
  • wonwoo: *for the nth time* i'm gonna drop out
  • woozi: i made a really good death joke today, okay? listen...
  • dk: making ramen is cooking. which i don't do. so i'm gonna starve in college
  • mingyu: *sneezes* i can't believe i'm dying
  • the8: i'm only here for attendance. im paying to have my name called once when i could have it screamed more than once back at my dorm
  • seungkwan: do you know how much i value sleep? not at all because i am still here and i hate myself for it
  • vernon: oh you don't get the lesson either? *fist bump* hell yeah, man!
  • dino: *hears wonwoo as they walk past each other* you too?