Okay the next of my oc’s! this is Blake but he’ll later come to adopt the monicar Phantom (very originally lmfao). He’s the in world local grim reaper and his job is to ferry the recently deceased to the other side as well as hunt for troublesome ghosts and spirits and keep them in line and sometimes he takes his friends (goblin, cypher and dag) with him on ghost busting trips! He’s very standoffish and doesn’t play well with others dead or alive lmfao, I hope you like him!!! (also that little ghost Spike, he’s Blakes little helper lmfao)


Hosted on original livestream, here’s to hoping that it doesn’t decide to crap out on us! If it does, We’ll migrate to cytube (though I’d really hope to avoid that course of events)


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I’ll be letting a slideshow of zuka pics run though, so feel free to come earlier!

@superwinekat here you go :3

Chapter 3 Page 14:

Poor Christine feels outta her league…

And look, the Shade in the Felt hat. Who is that guy?

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