Thanks Overkill (・ω・)b

This is probably gonna be the most Tumblr thing I post, but I think it’d be nice to have one more woman on the Payday crew so you can have a full female team on heists if you want. Someone from a Latin American country would be good too, since that’s one of the only places from which we don’t have any heisters yet.


You cockroaches wanna play rough? OKAY, I’M RELOADED!

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thompsonwn  asked:

Can you draw demonic looking clover. I swear the cops fear her when i play her. 1300 kills in 1 hour of hox breakout day 2

Here ya go, mayne. I dunno when, exactly, you sent this ask to me, ‘cause Tumblr didn’t tell me that I had a message. Only found out, ‘cause I clicked my mail on a whim. I hope you like it. :3 Continue to strike fear in the hearts of those cops, yeah?