im getting emotional but we all know chen dont like his dancing and he’s made fun of it so much but he truly gave 110% to that choreo and he killed it like jongdae…..jongbae….kill my ass

the x-files is coming back and gillian anderson is bisexual and i’m going to start going to church so i can thank god for all these miracles

Este Haim (of the band Haim)

Do you have a signature dish?
“Eggplant parmigana. It was the recipe that my mom first mastered and it’s the recipe that made my dad fall in love with her—he was under the “eggplant parm spell.”  I mastered it when I was 17, around the time I started dating my first boyfriend. I pretty much make it for every boyfriend I have. Italian food is always the most romantic.”

How Chef Ludo Lefebvre and Jewelry Designer Irene Neuwirth Throw a Dinner Party

Everyone else: thank u exo l for staying with us here’s another album
Jongdae: thank u exo l, thank u manager, thank u person who wrote this songs, thank u choreographers, thank you Lee soo man, thank u mom and dad for having sex and making me , thank u exo moms and dads for also having sex and making the rest of exo, thank u pen that I am writkng with , thank you paper, thank u tree that died to make my booklet possible, thank u people who packed this album

I don’t care if it’s like a few songs released a month or whatever, fuck you guys who are pissed off. I’m just glad bigbang are finally coming back.