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[KWONSPOILER] To all of you who stick to familiar things, I’m not an easy man.  #HOSHI #SEVENTEEN_BOSS #STRATEGIC_PLANNING_TEAM #CHIEF-KWON  see u at 00:00

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pete: you guys should TOTALLY listen to beats one tomorrow if you love panic at the disco ;)

me, as my house is literally on fire and my family is dying: aaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


I was doing this dramatic interpretation for a debate class. I had a 10-page one-man show called Zooman and the Sign, and I remember doing that in front of an audience. My parents came and I remember having a moment where I locked eyes with my mom and dad and I saw them see me have a transformative moment and it affected me in a way that was definitely cause for reflection. [It was] a moment where I felt like that there was something really special going on—the communication that I had with them that I’d never had just opened my eyes to the possibilities of what could happen in this art form.

When your heart is heavy
because the person you want to be,
the person you’ve been trying to be,
still seems so far, so out of reach,
keep going.

When the all too familiar walls of square one are closing in on you, making it hard to breathe,
keep going.

the weight of your past mistakes will become too much to bear.

the temptation to give up will overwhelm you.
The thought of all the times you’ve started again,
all the times you’ve failed,
will bring you to your knees.

Stay there for a while.
Kneel before your Lord.
Long enough to beg for His Mercy,
Long enough to beg for His Help.

Then get up.
Keep walking,
keep going,

You’ll get there.

—  Square one.

time passes, things change and I’m so happy I’m not where I used to be. Do whatever you have to do to make yourself happy. It’s worth every single bit in the end.