[…] “ going mad may be the only sane thing to do.”

The reason Outlast is such a good horror game story wise is that the real horror only happens if you have empathy for the people in the Asylum and know that the real monsters are the rich guys in suits who like money enough to hurt people and keep hurting people

Like the whole time Miles Upshur doesn’t say a bad word about the people in the Asylum, even the ones tryna kill him. The whole time he talks shit it’s either about the way the place isn’t fit for human habitation, how Murkoff is horrible, and he talks allllll the shit about Trager and Wernicke 

But when it comes to the guys actually actively tryna kill him he knows it’s not their fault and is even sad when Chris Walker gets killed

He was always “fuck this place” and never “fuck these inmates”. Never. The only inmate he hates is Trager because Trager deserved it and because he was a torturer long before he was an inmate. 

And that also helps with understanding why Miles doesn’t fight back even when he has, like, parkour skills enough that you know he got upper body strength

1) he doesn’t wanna die, obviously, but also 2) he doesn’t wanna hurt the inmates. He’s fighting Murkoff, not them. 

The real reason Outlast is so good is because its driving factor is empathy, and that’s why a lot of people love it. Miles’ empathy brings him into the asylum and keeps him from just picking up a weapon and hurting the inmates, Waylon’s empathy gets him trapped in the first place. The lack of empathy is what made the Asylum so awful in the first place. And I love it when enemies are still human, and so so very sad, even when they’re scary and violent, because it gives layers and levels to a game that you don’t see in other horror. 


Little Pigs

Been enjoying the Achievement Hunter’s play through of Outlast. This picture was inspired by a conversation between the two when they wonder if the playable character (Miles) talks using both voices.

Extra drawing of full Michael and Gavin with various scribbles and stuff that I drew while making the finished drawing