I have a mighty desire for RE7/Outlast crossovers. Like, can you imagine Miles sitting at a bar, musing on like, “Dude, I had two fingers chopped off.”

And Ethan just sort of scoffs and goes, “Man, that’s nothin’! My wife stabbed me and then sawed off my entire left hand.”

Miles, with a super stoic expression, looks over at Ethan and says, “I was possessed and shot multiple times in the chest.”

Then a light illuminates Blake in the background. He laughs weakly and swirls a glass of alcohol in one hand. “Your pains are nothing in comparison to mine!” he sneers, taking a drink in order to steel himself before standing awkwardly from his seat to reveal a large bandage over his groin.

Miles just makes a pained expression and Ethan utters a quiet, “That’s rough, buddy.”