“Darling, you can’t hide from me.”

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What’s fucked up about eddie gluskin is that he’s apparently been magicking these amazing looking breasts on flat chested bodies with only the tools available in his dilapidated asylum murder cathedral and instead of becoming the most beloved gender affirming plastic surgeon in the country he uses his skills for this nonsense. Typical cis person smh 😒

Fun fact: If you leave Miles alone for more than a couple of days he and the Walrider merge and talk only with the royal ‘We’.

Buh-Bam! New comic style!I feel its a bit more clearer! Also I just went ahead and made a font out of my handwriting so I can use that now I guess.

Recent Google searches on Miles’ laptop:

what to do when the technoeldritch being cohabiting my body likes my roomie more than me?

interpersonal relationships in the workplace

why won’t he listen to me

how to build a homemade emp

how to fix an ac