hwang minhyun as your boyfriend

further - 100% my thoughts and opinion. requested by anonymous.

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  • he is such a sweet romanticist always there to take care you
  • i mean he would always bring you flower and be like
  • “I bought it because it reminded of you”
  • cheesy but lovely at the same time
  • waiting for you outside whether it’s cold or sunny
  • even though it’s going to be freezing cold, he would stand outside your door waiting for you to come out
  • acting cool as if the cold never bothered him anyways
  • “no i didn’t wait for long”
  • “it wasn’t that cold”
  • but his face and hand is red and his teeth is chattering a little
  • just by one call or text of ‘can you come right now?’ he’d be there in a second with a worried face despite what he was doing
  • “why? what happend? is everything alright?”
  • holding your face checking if you’re hurt or anything
  • “i was so worried you know”
  • will scold you but not be mad mad at you after finding out nothing was wrong but it was a prank/bragging moment for your friends
  • holding your face with both hands and squishing your chubby cheeks smiling
  • “ah you look so cute”
  • but actually he is the one who will get pranks from you a lot a lot
  • if he sees you with another dude he would threaten or do something with that person silently not making you notice about it
  • acting innocent when he gets caught
  • “hm? did i do something?”
  • nagging in a sweet and soft voice
  • “i told you to clean your room didn’t i? y/n-ah~”
  • always shopping together and feeding you or cooking for you at home like pastas or whatever you want to eat
  • if you stress about getting fat he’ll be like nagging again
  • “it’s okay y/n weight doesn’t matter when i love you”
  • always reassuring his love towards you
  • if you guys fight (i think this will barely happen but)
  • he will always try to convince you by standing on both sides solving the fight without screaming or shouting at each other
  • he’ll apologize first if you two fight
  • but i think he would match you so you two won’t fight
  • when you’re mad/emotional about something he’d be like
  • “why, why, why. what’s wrong you want to talk?”
  • he’d always wait until you open up to him never rushes you or anything
  • just stays beside you hugging or holding you hand
  • when you tell him about your stress or worries he would always listen to you first to end, agreeing or nodding showing that he is always on your side
  • “so that was what hurt our y/n so much”
  • he’ll hug you tight again patting on your back
  • giving advice at the same time carefully trying not to hurt your feelings more
  • always talk about his future with you
  • “when we get married~”
  • or “when it’s summer we’ll go somewhere special”
  • you’re his no.1 priority and he’ll always do what you want caring and supporting

The fact that some fans dont want the 4 members in the show to reach top 11 srsly disgusts me. Like how long have u been a fan for that u dont know about their situation yet??

The more members that make it the higher the chance of them not disbanding and for pledis to stop treating them like shit.

Mingi Dongho Jonghyun and Minhyun have SAID IT IS THERE GOAL TO REACH TOP 11,

As a love, who the fuck am i to question their goal and their dream?

If the pll whom i love so much have said that is what they want than i sure as hell will support them with every fibre of my fucking being.

How many tears do the members have to shed and how many essays do 5 yr long loves have to write about this situation for new fans to believe us THAT THIS IS DO OR DIE FOR NU'EST,

And if they all make it i couldnt be happier, cos after 5 years of pain pll finally see their talent, which is what we have been fighting for all these yrs!!