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Do you have any drarry headcanons? :)

Omg yes, I have a million!

- Draco has had feelings for Harry ever since he shook his hand in their first year at Hogwarts despite Harry’s blatant rejection. 

-Draco’s hatred and harassment of Harry are really just excuses to obsess over him without being judged by his peers. 

- Draco confides his feelings to his mother, Narcissa. 

-Harry has no interest in Draco until 6th year when they duel in the bathroom (Before that, Harry recognized that he was attractive but was too disgusted by his personality that he refused to acknowledge it)

-Harry is in denial about his feelings for a long-ass time until after The War. (This is where he realized that Draco really wasn’t as awful as he had once thought and begins to feel sympathy towards him). 

-When Harry tells Ron and Hermione about his feelings, they are completely shocked but end up supporting him anyway. 

-Their relationship begins as a purely sexual one (lots of hate sex in the abandoned bathrooms yeee) but it slowly grows into more over time. 

-Ron makes a face whenever Harry and Draco show affection towards each other once they get together. Hermione gets flustered and red in the face. 

-Draco is a total bottom and loves being controlled by Harry, although he will never admit it. 

-They are both extremely protective over each other although Harry is pretty obvious about it whereas Draco typically pretends not to care. 

-Draco likes being the little spoon and Harry taunts him about it. 

To the anon who wants dating advice (from spitsphyre):

Give it time. I know this is dumb to say but life gets a billion times better when you’re not a teenager and that includes dating. Right now everyone is a mess of hormones and people are shallow. I sincerely doubt you’re as unattractive as you think you are but believe me, you are NOT going to be your hottest at 17, you will grow into yourself and find that when you’re in your mid-20s to mid-30s you’re so much better looking and healthier and confident.

And none of that matters because you don’t want to date someone who wasn’t interested in you because you’re not conventionally attractive. You Wang someone who will be with you because you’re amazing.

So my advice? Find something you’re passionate about. Find three things you’re passionate about. And throw yourself into them. Devote your time and effort into them. Learn everything you can about these things and meet other people who like these same things. Go to events about these things. Make friends who like these things. Through that network eventually you will meet someone who is right for you. They may not be your otp but they’ll be who you need then. And they may not be into your passions but they’ll understand because even of they aren’t directly tied to those passions they know others who are. And having stuff in common is the most important thing.

The last thing I can say is that forcing dating too early is disastrous. You will be unhappy and could be permanently hurt. I know it sucks to be lonely and feel unloved and unlovable but… By throwing yourself into relationships before everything comes together you really run the risk of pain. A lot of pain. You run the risk of creating a relationship with someone fundamentally unworthy of you but you won’t see it that way. You will see it the opposite way and feel that this is the best you can do and that’s just not true. You will twist yourself into pretzels for someone who looks down on you because you look down on you and they have no right to do that.

There are so many people in this world and you’re not going to have a chance to meet most of them but when you grow your social circle will as well and you will find so many better options. So my advice is to prepare yourself for when that time comes. Grow yourself as a person (not just get older, grow inside and get to know yourself) and when you find someone who is going to see the fabulousness inside of you you will be on their level.

I’m not sure I would have listened to this when I was 17 but I wish someone would have said it and I wish I would have heard what they meant. So… I’m saying it now.

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And part of the reason they don't fuse Opal very often, despite both of them feeling like they're weak and need to be fused to be stronger, is because it's kinda hard to ignore your feelings for each other/hide their love from each other when they're the same person. And because of that, as well as other factors, such as their own personal problems with self confidence, ect, Opal easily comes undone, even though they can work together so well.

holy shiT THAT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE. You, friend, are a genius.