170217 | ziont 집사 촬영한다고 놀러와줘서 고맙다. 나무씨는 나무집에서 예쁘게 잘 지내고 있어요 나무야 인사. / thank you for coming over to my place to film my butler. namu is doing well at namu’s house. say hi, namu.

t/n: he’s talking from namu’s point of view, hence calling himself a butler because he has to clean up after namu all the time 😂

© ziontfans

You know I’ve always wonder where Marik even pulled the name Namu from. I mean it seems just kinda out of the blue.

He could have just as easily used Odion/Rishid’s name for an alias. Or even gone with a slightly more common sounding name.

But nah he chose to go with Namu, and pretty sure he didn’t choose that name because of a whale.

But I actually recently realized something Namu is an anagram of Amun.

Amun was one of the most powerful gods, at one point even being called ‘King of the gods’. He also became more powerful when combined with Ra (becoming Amun-Ra)

And oh hey Marik later merges with Ra to make himself more powerful. Albiet it’s his dark psycho half but he still merges. Also what is Marik trying to do, make himself Pharaoh (or king as it were).

It could just be coincidence of course, or maybe Namu wasn’t just some randomly chosen name after all.