Anti-captivity: not just a craze

Many captivity supporters believe that anti-captivity is a ‘craze’ and people are jumping on the Blackfish bandwagon because it’s the cool thing to do. But anti-captivity protesters have been around since the beginning of orca captivity. 

These images are of protests at the Seattle Marine Aquarium in 1965, which held the third Orca to be captured. Namu was bought by Ted Griffin for $8,000, he eventually became the first Orca to perform for a crowd, sparking the beginning of the multi- billion dollar captive killer whale industry. Namu died in 1966 just shy a year after capture. People have been fighting for their freedom for 50 years, it seems to me that anti cetacean captivity is in fact not just a craze.

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woohyun’s puppy namu or 콩떡 (bean ricecake) (vid #3)

Poor Namu...

On M-Countdown Infinite’s Woohyun was standing in a dark corner all by himself because he was there as a solo artist (b/c his recent solo debut… so proud btw Woohyun fighting! ^.^). Later, when fans asked him why he didn’t come to the front during ending stages  he said, “because I can become a hindrance"

AWW poor baby!!! you can barely see him in the pictures… my heart is aching


Namu in 1966. Photo by Tammy Shelton. She says,

I would like to share this photo I just found in a photo album under my bed. It was my parent’s photos. This picture was taken in 1966 on the Seattle Waterfront, Seattle Aquarium. This is Namu captive in his sea pen. I visited Namu as a very young little girl. That began my love of “Killer Whales” as they were always called at that time.

I am now 57, and have long been an activist for orcas. But it was surreal finding this photo tonight. I have a page honoring Namu here on Facebook. But I was never able to find any decent photos of him. All this time I had one under my bed in color! The reality of this picture is heartbreaking. The broken down sea pen. The polluted Puget Sound water he was forced to live in. No wonder he died of an infection after only over a year of captivity.

This also being where Shamu began also which makes it much worse. They brought in a “mate” for Namu and they didn’t get along. So Ted Griffin sold her to SeaWorld. They named her Shamu (She-Namu) and so started this horrible era of captivity. It’s so strange as I look at this photo and remember how overwhelmed I was as a child seeing a real “Killer Whale” for the first time. And now iIlook at this photo with a lump in my throat as I see the reality of the situation as an adult.


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