Yesterday i made my boyfriend watch EXO MV’s with me.

While watching Love Me Right i’ve caressed Yixing’s abs 

He looked at me and asked what was i doing and i bluntly said i was caressing Yixings abs. He said he didnt even see him.

I opened 0.57 and showed him

He asked me if i know the exact time and i said yes

Today ive made him watch Shut Up Flower Boyband with me 

Ive squeled when they showed Myungsoo and asked him isnt he de most gorgeous thing he ever seen 

He stared at me and i told him he knew what shit he was getting into when he asked me out he agreed, threaten me to only look at him or he would find those ‘dancing monkeys’ and kill them but still agreed.

We’ve been dating for 1.5 year now and he become a VIP, listening to their live shows and watching MV’s before i do.


I think i found the one.