The origins of Moon the Undaunted, MonStar style! I actually have a fanfiction about this in the works, and it explains how Moon and Toffee met, how the Mewman-Monster Accord was signed, and who the main villain is in the Mon!Star AU. It’ll even include my headcanon of the backstory between Toffee and Eclipsa.

Anyway, I want something like this to be the cover art for my story.


MonStar Origins (character design): Toffee

I put quite a few things into this character design to differentiate him from canon!Toffee. Things to note:

*Diamond Pendant- Something he and the other monster generals share. Before signing the peace treaty, Queen Comet (Moon’s mother) gave this valuable necklace to each general to compensate for everything they’d lose once the war ends. When Toffee first met Moon and was found innocent of Comet’s murder, he gave the necklace to her saying she needed it more. But Moon gave it back to him at dawn, claiming she has plenty to remember her mother by. After the treaty was signed, Toffee took the diamond part and made it into a pin for his cravat. He then gave the gold chain the Moon, who always wears it around her neck in this AU.

*Skull Pauldrons- The diamond one is still intact, but the spade one is cracked all over. This is because Toffee has no more loyalty to Eclipsa in this AU. MonStar!Toffee is old enough to know Eclipsa personally, but has a dark history with her that he’s trying to move on from. So he takes out a lot of frustration on the spade pauldron, but can never bring himself to throw it out.

*Armored Boot (shattered)- Mina Loveberry is the main villain of this AU, but Rasticore did help her kill Comet, then had Toffee framed for it. Toffee wasn’t too happy about that, so he faced Rasticore while Moon confronted Mina. He delivered a furious kick to Rasticore’s face that left him down for awhile and shattered Toffee’s right boot nearly down to the ankle.

*Missing Finger and Tainted Veins- These go hand in hand. In this AU, the Darkest Spell, when used on a Mewman, severs their connection to magic and kills them simultaneously. But Toffee knew this would set Eclipsa free, so he stopped Moon’s hands and caused the blast to shoot through Mina’s finger and into Rasticore’s arm behind her. This scared off the other monsters, but Mina and Moon fought, while Toffee pleaded not to set Eclipsa free by killing her.

Moon’s wand was knocked out of her hand, then picked up by Toffee. He knew how to use the spell without killing Mina and twisted the words to do so, but it still required a sacrifice: Toffee cut off his own finger to use it. After this spell, Mina could never use her magic again, so she ran away and hid for awhile.

Toffee’s finger never grew back, and present Mina likes to joke that she and Toffee are twins because they lost the exact same finger. He and Moon now share the same purple veins, and Toffee hates this new reminder of Eclipsa’s influence on him and hides the veins just like Moon does.


Erik’s newly released MV

Starring Tran Quang Dai and Thien Trang