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Anyone whose been in this fandom should know of monStar, the daughter of Moon and Toffee.
While reading a few comments someone brought up a good point: Is monStar just like Mewni Star?
That got me thinking, if Toffee was Star’s father, aside from the appearance, what else would be different?
With River as her father, Star has shown she loves fighting monsters, acting on impulse, has destructive tendencies and public displays of affection.

So with Toffee as her father, what would she get from him?
What do we know of Toffee that can be incorporated into monStar?
Toffee is a smart and patient man, making plans and knowing when to act and when not to. Confident and knows the importance of knowledge, not going in blind.

But then there are his monster attributes, we’ve seen each monster has their own tendencies; Buff Frog has powerful leaps and strong tongue, chicken guy pecks, bwarks and lays eggs etc
So as a lizard Toffee has the weaknesses of his species, not liking cold etc.
Since monStar has taken on a lizard-like appearance you can guess she has some of the same weaknesses.

So after talking to a few people and thinking about it, I think these are some of the differences monStar has from Mewni Star.

monStar is:
-Easily distracted by food
-More attentive to her magic lessons
-Hugs more people, cause body heat
-likes hot rocks and sitting on them
-more aggressive fighting
-Quick healing
-likes to naw things

-hates the cold
-not as rash in making decisions
-has claws
-Strokes her tail when nervous

These are just my opinions and obviously not set in stone, but I think these differences could make monStar an interesting character all on her own and separate from Mewni Star.

@sillywombatkid - Draw Monster Star going back in time to see her parents!

Monster!Star heads back in time to discover her parents, awkwardly learning to dance while they step on eachother’s toes. But its been 3 hours.

And Toffee is overly appreciative for his lizard regenerating powers on this day.

save him

More of the AU at @fyesmoontoffee :D

Kang Ha-Neul from Monstar (2013 Mnet Music drama)

  • Song Title : I will love you 널 사랑하겠어
  • Original Singer : Zoo 동물원

Kang Ha-Neul from Monstar (2013 Mnet Music drama) 

  • Song Title : Nocturne 야상곡 (夜想曲)
  • Original Singer : Kim Yoon-Ah 김윤아 [YouTube]

Kang Ha-Neul 2014 SBS drama awards

  • Song Title : I am a butterfly 나는 나비
  • Original Singer : Yoon Do-Hyeon 윤도현

What I learned about him after looking up on the internet… he is a quite famous musical actor.