Your headcanon is YOUR OWN headcanon.

You either make your canon or OC muse straight, ace, demi, bi, gay or pan. (Or either combination of ANY sexuality.)

You can also either ship your canon or OC muse with anybody or nobody at all. That’s just you.

I really hate how some people can be not just harsh about OCs, but also canon characters. Please don’t go picking on people who have an unique imagine. Don’t ever be complete assholes, okay? It doesn’t make you a healthy human being. That is honestly the most unhealthy shit that you’ll ever do yourself, so stop it.

One of my clients was a little frustrated because he got some seemingly contradictory notes after going to different analysts/consultants/script doctors. I had to pat myself on the back a little for my response. And I also thought I’d share it here, in case any of you were dealing with similar frustrations:

There really are two rules when it comes to taking notes. The first is to always be open to critique– which you obviously are, having sought multiple rounds of notes and graciously applied them. The second is to know when to apply the notes and how to apply them in a way that best serves the final product. Not every note is going to work. Even if it comes from Ang Lee or Ava Duvernay– it’ll definitely hold more water than a note from a Freshman Film Major on a Reddit forum, but it’s not a guaranteed hit. Nobody knows your story better than you. It’s almost like when something is on the tip of your tongue, or you’re trying to articulate a thought and it’s not coming out right. People can help you elaborate on what you’re trying to express. Sometimes they explain it better than you thought ever could, and you find yourself wishing you said what they said first. Sometimes they’re completely off-base. But you know when they’re right, when they’re kind of right and when they’re dead wrong. That’s how notes are supposed to go. Self-awareness, clarity of vision and experience really foster that process. The more you read and write screenplays, the more you get notes, you’ll be able to choose which to apply and how to apply them based on your style. 

Of course, that’s only if you’re writing on speculation. If you’re commissioned, you give the person with the checkbook what they want (as far as your personal convictions allow.)