I feel like Mikey doesn’t get enough credit for his struggles. While there are thousands of posts about what an inspiration Gerard is for kicking alcoholism and drug addiction, I can count on one hand the number of posts I’ve seen about Mikey, even though he’s gone through the same nightmare. I get why he hasn’t gotten much credit recently, after Sarah accidentally led us all to believe that he’s a drug addict, but even before that, this fandom hasn’t acknowledged it much. Even after that interview where he revealed for the first time his experiences with depression and addiction, I remember seeing a lot of “I’m glad Gerard stood by him” and even a few people who thought Gerard single-handedly saved his life, but not much admiration for Mikey himself.

He confirmed in a recent interview that he’s recovered from addiction:

“The song speaks to me, because, as I’ve talked about before, I’m a drug addict, I’ve been a drug addict my whole life,” he said. “And I’ve recovered, come back from the mountain, but that song still speaks to me. I listen to it and it hits home.”

So either the rumors weren’t true, or he did relapse but he recovered. Either way, I think he deserves some credit, especially since he’s honest about it. He doesn’t pretend that he’s cured or brag about what an inspiration he is: he flat-out says “I’m a drug addict, I’ve been a drug addict my whole life.” I think that takes courage.

Besides the alcoholism and addiction, he’s struggled with severe depression and anxiety, he’s contemplated suicide, and he starved himself when he was a teenager. He’s also been bullied to hell and back by the Internet, and after MCR split I figured he’d fade into obscurity, tired of the stress. But he’s back as the frontman of a new band–an impressive feat, considering his past self-consciousness and anxiety–with new songs that he wrote/co-wrote himself. And as a friend of mine put it, he could have popped up on Twitter, dropped the news about Electric Century, and left. But instead he’s talking to fans, faving their tweets, answering their questions, posting photos on EC’s Instagram, and sometimes just saying “hi!!!” He’s not obligated to do any of that after the way the Internet’s treated him, but he’s doing it. He’s handled the whole thing way better than I would.

Anyway, let’s give the little guy some credit. I’m the first to admit that he’s not flawless, but his struggles have been just as traumatic as Gerard’s, and his accomplishments just as impressive.

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Nd what would happen if lucy was in an accident?

Three cracked ribs, a leg broken in two places, and a shattered arm can’t put Lucy to rest. As she lies on the hospital cot, atheistic in her veins, the many doctors and one concerned Emmet were nothing but baffled as she continues to pepper them with “can I go home yet?”

“Lucy, you just fell off a building doing your crazy French parkour!” Emmet cries.

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You should do a fic about emmet getting hurt and the job and Lucy worrying over him.

If she wasn’t awake before, she is now. She falls out of bed in a mess of sheets, throwing on her sweatshirt and jerking the zipper up to her chest. She stumbles through a mess of clothes on the floor before hurdling down flights of stairs to the street.

“Ms. Style? This is 911, Emmet Brickowski was in a construction accident and is currently being hospitalised.”

“Emmet?? In the hospital?”

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