Meganebu! Fourth Anniversary Stream: Day 4

Four episodes tonight! And they are:

  • Episode 7: Come, Glasses Wearers! Your Glasses Will Change the World!
  • Episode 8: As Long as my Glasses Sparkle, You Won’t Get Away With it!
  • Episode 9: A Revolution for Glasses-Wearers
  • Episode 10: The Rules Say You’re Safe, but Glasses Say You’re Out / When I Look at the Glasses Club, it Makes Me Think of Us Back Then

10:00 PM EST, since I get home late tonight. See you then!

Meganebu! Fourth Anniversary Stream: Final Day

Sadly, since Studio DEEN refuses to take pity on us, this is the last of the Meganebu streams for this year. Thank you for coming, see you next megane! (And if you’ve missed the other streams, it’s not too late to join in now!)

Tonight’s eps:

  • Episode 11: It’s Only Natural that Glasses Wearers Love Glasses
  • Episode 12: Meganebu!

9:00 PM EST!

I couldn’t be part of the 3 years anniversary stream, but here is a small token from my part: It’s a page of the art note. Im sure I scanned around 80% of it, but life and shot happened, so I never got myself around to get it up. So, when my internet behaves again (it has been kinda unstable lately), I’ll put what I have up, as well as refresh the soundtrack links. It’s the least I can do.
I love you, meganebu fandom. You are inspiration.
Happy third anniversary ❤️👓