Remember that Spectacular Spiderman episode from season 2, “Reinforcements” when Rhino fell in the icy water and Sandman had snow dumped all over him? Well, according to producer Greg Weisman– when Tinkerer was completing the extraction process: Rhino made it back to dry land and carried a frozen Sandman away from the scene before the cops.

So being that this episode took place during Christmas, and being that Christmas passed for everyone– I thought it would be appropriate to draw this little Rhino/Sandman pairing fan piece. Isn’t it thoughtful how Rhino put his selfish ambition of revenge against Spiderman aside to think first of his ol’ pal– Marko? XD So yeah– I know it’s a couple days after Christmas passed, but I figured the time was now to draw this! So Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone!