Note: And finally here is the GOT7 version of this reaction. pop 


Wouldn`t like it at all. He`d very straight forward with his approach. He`d take your hands sitting you down and telling you that you need to be more open about your feelings because it`s unhealthy to keep it locked up. 

“You can`t continue like this y/n. Your`re too important to me. You know you can always talk to me.”


Worried little pup. This guy would be so worried that you`d feel sad or stressed and aren`t letting it out. He wouldn`t want to overstep a line so he would just tell you that he`s there if you needed to talk, hoping that you come to him in your own time.

“Y/n, I just want you to know that I`m always here for you if you need to talk. It`s important to let your feelings out.”


He is a dork and always very funny however in this matter he`d be very serious. He wouldn`t hold back when scolding you telling you that your health is priority number one.

“Listen y/n you can`t do that. It`s not good for your health. You can talk to me, no matter how mad or stressed or sad you are, I will listen!”


Nope nope nope, he isn`t having it. Mother jonyoung mode is activated. He`d scold though probably a little less than Jackson but none the less make sure you know that he is serious about it.

“You can trust me y/n. I know sometimes it`s hard to talk about feelings but with me you can say whatever you want. I won`t judge you.”


Wouldn`t want to pressure you into anything so he`d just be a lot more caring and ask you if you are okey or if you needed anything and give little hints about that he`s there for you if you need him.

“How is my beautiful girl/boyfriend today? Do you have anything to talk about?”


He`d also be direct however he doesn`t want you to feel bad about it so he`d be sweet when asking you to tell him when something troubles you. He wants to show you that he really cares so he`d be a lot mor touchy, holding hands or hugging more often.

“Don`t keep it inside darling. It will only make matters worse, tell me and together we can chase any problems away.”


He is very mature so I think he would have a mature approach to this. Would probably talk with you about it shortly but giving you the space you need as he doesn`t want to force anything.

“Just know you aren`t alone. I am here when you need me.”