So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. There are other forces at work in this world Frodo, besides the will of evil. Bilbo was meant to find the Ring. In which case, you were also meant to have it. And that is an encouraging thought. - Fellowship of The RIng (2001)


Imagine: Being an elf from Lothlórien and joining the Fellowship where you grow close to Legolas and slowly fall in love. [x] [x]

Legolas: It has been a pleasure talking to you, Y/N. I wish I could stay longer.
Y/N: I’m not planning on leaving you just yet, Legolas- I’ve been invited to join the Fellowship and travel with you on your journey.
Legolas: Y/N, that’s… that’s great. *smiles* I will not have to say goodbye to you so soon, then?
Y/N: No, it appears not. *smiles*

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Title: When Shall We Meet Again Ch. 3
Summary: After burning bridges with his mother and father, Elrond unexpectedly meets his grandmother. 
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Not even a full day in Valinor, and Lord Elrond had managed to lose what little of his family that he had let.

His own foolishness and inability to keep his emotions in check had single handedly isolated him from his biological parents and wife, and any chance of reconciliation seemed as impossible as dragging Arwen to Valinor.

He doesn’t regret his words, at least he tells himself such; though he suppose Maglor would be quite disappointed in how he handled the situation, and even Maedhros would chastise him for his unusual brashness.

And Elros…Elrond smiles at the thought, Elros would be standing right beside him.

Though whatever second thoughts he had in regards to his parents, shame on Elwing and Earendil for their assumptions. What in all of Middle Earth had they thought cornering him in such a manner would accomplish? Had they expected tearful hugs and kisses? They had trapped him like foolish children did an aggressive snake, and by Eru did he strike.

Though the poison was never once meant for his wife, and perhaps her words and a further strain in their relationship was what he regretted most of the entire confrontation.

Now an hour away from the situation, and he truly regrets hurting his parents. His anger is real, and his feelings are still valid, but if anything, he wanted to confront them on his own time.

Perhaps things would have been different. He would be walking with his wife to their new home, savoring what memories of their children they had left.

But their appearances triggered him; the Silmaril on his father’s head more so. Never being in such a situation before, where he was made to face the elves who had abandoned him, he had acted quite inappropriately. They could have been a happy family had his mother returned the damned jewel, had his father returned to raise them. But their foolishness and negligence had seen a score of innocent lives taken, and Elrond’s words had been fueled by such knowledge.  

Yes, a redo was in order. But not now, and perhaps not a thousand years from now.  His parents had not given him the time to move at his own pace, hopefully now he had made his message clear.

He walked with lighter steps, reminding himself now, that he had made the right choice.


To his dismay, he has spent the good half of the day wandering aimlessly through the market while his mind is muddled with fog. Inwardly, Elrond still deals with the conflict of dissing his parents, and the internal battle wages on for longer than he would have liked.

The conclusions he believed he made are trumped when his guilt eats away at him.

It is well past noon when his senses return to him, and the crowd has died down considerably as elven workers close up their many stalls and shops for the day, and make their trek back home to their families.

It suddenly occurs to Elrond, as more and more elves vacate the area, that he has no idea where home is (though he is almost certain that he is welcomed in any of the High King’s lands).

Perhaps he should have secured his dwellings prior to disowning his parents.

He will have to ask his councilor, Glorfindel about this later (he supposes), who will no doubt spend most of his time at the shore or entertaining the hobbits, or perhaps mingling with the Silvan elves. Either way, finding him will not be hard (The golden haired elf had even offered Elrond dwellings in his home in the past, and if it came to that, Elrond would gladly stay with him).

Though Elrond doubts Glorfindel would even want to return to his home.  

He too bore qualms about returning to Valinor, as the people of Middle Earth had captured his heart. Glorfindel only sailed due to his position in Elrond’s household.

In the midst of his self-blame, Elrond spots a shade of red in the crowd, and immediately his heart drops to his stomach. He can no longer move as he looks forward, and a small part of him believes that the Valar have taken pity on he and his loneliness, and granted him the presence of one of the elves that raised him.

One of the elves he needs.

He is advancing towards her before he can truly discern her appearance. He does not see the short stature or the thin body, he does not take in the presence of two hands, and more importantly, he does not see the dress that flails around her as she walks.

Elrond only sees bright red hair.


His words die in his throat, and suddenly his sprint comes to a harsh halt.

This is not Maedhros the Tall standing before him. She is quite the opposite to be exact.

Her hair is a shade too red, too bright. Her brown freckles are numerous on her tanned cheeks, and her face is round and kind, as opposed to narrow and bony, gaunt with weariness.

There is something rather doe like about her large brown eyes, something sad too.

And despite her red hair and freckled face, “Maedhros” is not the name Elrond puts to her face now.

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