So… Ungoliant is a little peckish. Wants a snack. The Silmarils looks appetizing. Morgoth is a dick and wont share, and that kinda pisses Ungoliant off. So she weaves one of her cool night-webs of unlight and wraps the bastard up, deciding that she has had enough of his little-man syndrome and his bitching about world-domination (what we wont do when we are hungry). So Morgoth is obviously kinda nervous for his life (for like the first time ever) and lets out a little yelp (aka blood-curdling scream) and a couple of his balrog buddies come save him, and Ungoliant has to go hungry again. Moral of the story: don’t piss off an ever-hungry, light-devouring, she-hulk of a demon-arachnid of the ancient world, and don’t try to eat a dark-lord’s pretty-pilfered-rocks or you get a couple balrogs on your ass.