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Darlin', could you do a Having a child with Legolas headcanon? Pretty please? Thank you, love. And congratulations on 1k.

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  • You both are beyond happy when you find out you’re pregnant. You’ve tried for many years and it finally happened!
  • Thranduil being proud and even more excited than you. 
  • When the baby is born, a girl, Legolas is unable to tear his gaze away from the little one. 
  • “She’s so beautiful, Y/N. Look what we made. A little star.” 
  • Legolas helps you with everything, letting you rest when you need it. Thranduil is also helpful, completely in love with his first grandchild. 
  • He spoils her so much, you had to ask him to put an end to it. 
  • “Y/N, I will not. She’s my little princess. She will have her tiara, end of the topic.”
  • Impatiently waiting for her first word. It’s Nana, obviously, but Legolas is upset.
  • He almost starts crying when your little girl calls him Ada
  • Legolas braiding his daughter’s hair in whatever way she wants it. She’s the one giving orders and she’s too cute to refuse her. 
  • Thranduil letting her sits on his throne and attend meetings because she’s his little princess and of course, she can do whatever she wants. 
  • Legolas teaching her how to ride on a horse and later, when she’s big enough, how to use a bow. 
  • Them both going to a small trips, bringing you flowers when they come back.
  • Her helping you with daily duties. 
  • Legolas losing his mind when he realized that one day, a suitor may appear. 
  • “You’re not allowed to speak to men. Don’t look at them. Don’t think about them.”
  • “Legolas, you’re out of your mind.” 
  • Thranduil being the one who gave her her first ever sip of wine. 
  • Your daughter growing to become beautiful and wise and all of you beaming with pride. 
If [Gondolin] stands but a little while, then out of your house shall come the hope of Elves and Men. This I say to you, lord, with the eyes of death: though we part here for ever, and I shall not look on your white walls again, from you and from me a new star shall arise. Farewell!
—  Huor to Turgon, The Silmarillion

Tom Bombadil is the best/most amusing character in anything I’ve ever read because here you have this dude who skips around the forest all day and sings nonsense songs about himself, and the One Ring, the single most powerful object in all of Middle Earth that a fucking ancient evil is furiously searching for, has absolutely no effect on him. He pops it on and doesn’t turn invisible like most do when they accessorize themselves with the pure manifestation of power and greed but instead pulls some sleight of hand shenanigans and makes it disappear into thin air like a party trick before casually flipping it back to Frodo. Frodo asks Tom’s wife who the hell he is and she just responds “He is” because Tommyboy over here is fucking beyond mortal description. The elves, who are essentially immortal themselves, refer to to this guy as “the Elderest” because he was there before any of even the oldest beings on the planet could remember. The only reason the Fellowship didn’t pick the guy to journey to and destroy the Ring in Mordor was because he might accidentally displace the whispering hellcircle that even Gandalf, a primordial spirit that helped in shaping the world, was afraid to touch because Tom Bombadil just doesn’t give a shit. So the character that many scholars speculate is the supreme being and one true god of Tolkien’s entire universe is just this secondary character that refers to himself in third person and fishes in the forest while writing iffy poetry