Ok… But consider this. AU where Harry and Louis both work at Disney world. Harry is Tarzan and Louis is (obviously) Peter Pan. And Harry will occasionally just come running at Louis , pick him up , and throw him over his shoulder , whilst making monkey noises . And the kids eat it up they are really funny together and Louis loves it because “yES I’m being manhandled by a hot half naked man ”


Harry and Louis | The Dream Team

a summary of every angst fic ever
  • louis: *has probs with feelings*
  • harry: *does something that makes louis mad*
  • louis: *runs away and goes to him moms house*
  • louis's mom: *hugs louis*
  • louis: it's harry mum :(
  • louis' mom: oh lou:(
  • zayn: *says something inspiring and kisses louis on the head*
  • louis: sorry im fucked up harry ily
  • harry: u have 2 stop running from your probs...ily 2
  • harry and louis: do the blip bloop

louis when his friends try to talk about their own relationships for once.