BUMP OF CHICKEN and Hatsune Miku collaborate in a duet song, RAY, making it the first ever music video featuring Miku without any CG editing involved– that is to say, it was filmed in real time.

The Hatsune Miku module used here, named “14 Model” was created and manipulated entirely by Crypton engineers. You can watch an eight minute documentary on how this video was created here.

Her voice manipulation was done by kz from livetune. This song is available on the iTunes store!


KZ Livetune has been a Miku titan for a long time. The music is of high quality and made with love. Love for Miku and love for music. 

Tell Your World is one of those songs where you are reminded that you love Miku and the people that make her who she is.

I posted this song before… but I am horribly distraught that not very many people have yet to hear a masterpiece.

Piano + Append DARK = gg

Tell Your World (Piano Ver. by WING Cover by COSSUN) - KZLivetune