⭐Just my opinion⭐

So, I saw too many SebaCiel stuff like fanarts, fanfictions, etc. Honestly, I don’t ship it. I think it’s pedophilic, I mean, Sebastian is 3000 years old (or something like that) and we have Ciel- an 13 years old boy. You ship that?! Well, I don’t. Also, Kuroshitsuji series AREN’T YAOI. And, I know, there were a few scenes which reminded someone of yaoi, but Sebastian is just protecting Ciel, and nothing more. Sebastian is just hungry for his soul. That was all. I just had to say it. And, if you think I’m kinda “jealous” of that ship, you are wrong, you are very wrong. The end. (I don’t want to “hurt” the feelings to people who are shipping SebaCiel, it’s your personal opinion)