when school starts...
  • teacher:so how did you spend the summer?
  • me:*nervously sweats*
  • friend:oh who's those asian guys on your phone?
  • me:*nervously sweats*
  • teacher:can everyone name one interesting thing about themselves?
  • me:*nervously sweats*
  • friend:what are you listening to?
  • me:*nervously sweats*
  • friend:whats your instagram/tumblr/twitter account?
  • me:*nervously sweats*
  • friend:plug in you phone to play us some music
  • me:*nervously sweats*
  • me:(i need to get out of the kpop closet)

Here’s a tip for going back to hell this year. In your binder have a piece of paper where nobody can see. Then print some of your favorite boybands or idols and glue or tape them on the piece of paper. Then when you’re sad that you’re surrounded by hideous people you can always flip to the page where your true happiness is and feel happy again. You’re welcome.


it doesn’t matter who your bias group is, we can all agree that this was one of the coolest choreography’s in kpop!


OH YOU KNOW IM JUST DEAD waverlyk​​ exo-chanyeollie​​ procrastinating-anyway chanyeolandstuff little-h0ney-peach

IU mini-master post

like i promised here’s a mini master post full of links of where to find information, music, photos, videos, translations, blogs, and everything else about IU!

Official Links

Basic Info (bio, background, etc)



Photos (fan and official photos)


-> Youtube videos

-> fancamers

Blogs (where to find IU fans on tumblr)

  • [IU blog recommendations] I have compiled an IU blog recommendation list here, which I frequently update. This list includes fansite blogs, editing blogs, and biased blogs.


-> Variety show subs

  • iu-vids (this blog is your new best friend!!!!!!!! it has nearly every variety show IU’s been on)
  • ps if you’re a new IU fan you have to watch heroes……. its just a must

Infinite’s recent comeback made me realize how well-rounded of a group they are. They’re considered the most synchronized group in Korea, and they have no weak dancers, most groups have at least two weak dancers. The rappers can sing and the lead vocalists have powerful voices. I regret not being a fan sooner.