And how was your trip, Frenzy?

I hope you were able to find some diabolical (my 4yr old’s newest word) fun without taking over the world!

Welcome Back! 



Diabolical is a WONDERFUL word, especially for a 4-year-old! (and OMG i LOVE Pinky & the Brain!! They were my favorite, along with Slappy Squirrel). (for obvious reasons).

I had a BLAST!! Alaska is so pretty! Saw lots of wildlife, saw glaciers (before they disappear), chillaxed with the hubs, sketched a lot, and had a great time. Here’s a pic of my goofball self as high up & forward as i could get on the boat as we went under the Golden Gate:

it was windy as all hell, and it took like 20 minutes to comb all the knots out, but it was SO COOL! All the pics we took I have that same shiteating grin on my face. That’s what 10 days of not having to cook, clean, or parent anything will do to ya :p