When I was still working for that animation group the chief writer gave us all copies of the original scripts of the last Kim Possible episodes (Graduation Part I & II) before a lot of scenes were rewritten or taken out in pre-production and let me assure all of you that Drakken/Shego was 200% canon.

Let Me In- Kai Parker

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Warnings- Smut, unprotected sex (Wrap it before you tap it, yo.)


Anonymous said:

I need something along the lines of yn being Stefan and Damon’s little sister and she’s like having sex with Kai or any character actually and they walk in and she’s riding him??

Anonymous said:

I need a Kai smut where you didn’t invite him in and you tease him from the inside of your house and he can’t get in so when you finally do invite him in he fucks you senseless


“Y/n.” You turn around, still standing in your underwear and one of Kai’s tee shirts.

“Kai.” You had been teasing him non-stop for about ten minutes or so, walking around like you had been, shutting the blinds to your front windows and letting his frame block the door so no one outside could see you shamelessly teasing your boyfriend.

“Let me in.” His hands were on the edge of the threshold, leaning forward with a danger look in his eyes.  You smirk, lifting up the shirt, presumably to scratch the top of your thigh but also giving him a peak of the dark lace panties you had worn under the shirt.

“I forgot that you couldn’t get in my house now..” You trail off, feigning innocence.

“Forgot, right.” Kai snaps, leaning forward until his face was inches from the barrier that kept him out of your house. With two simple words he would be allowed to come in, and he would be pinning you to the wall in seconds. Where’s the fun in that?

“You can hang out there all you want, I have some cleaning to do.” Kai swallows thickly as you bend down to pick up the dustpan and brush from the floor.

“Y/n, I mean it. Let me in.” You smirk as you turn around, walking up to him and setting the dustpan and brush down as you went.

“Being big and tall and brooding won’t get you anywhere today.” You lean close to the door, only about an inch left in between you and him.

“And what will?” Kai grits his teeth as he talks. The wood of your doorway starts to crack under his fingertips as he fights the urge to pull you out on the porch and have his way.

“Hmm, I don’t know..” You hum, turn around, ‘accidentally’ knocking down the keys and mail bowl beside the door.

“Whoops.” You shrug and have to bend down again to pick them up and put it back on the table. Kai grits his teeth and you start to think he’s resembling a caged animal.

“Kai.” You were standing in the middle of the hallway that lead to the living room of your house.

“What?” He asks and the wood let’s out a few pops as it give way partially under his fingers.

“Come in.” He’s face-to-face with you in less than half a second, grabbing your waist and pushing you into a wall. Your eyes widen and you gasp just before his lips connect with yours. Your hands reach up to tangle in his hair as you wrap your legs around his waist.

“Kai, bedroom.” You manage to get out. Stefan and Damon, your brothers, would be back from their road trip today, and you didn’t want them to walk in on you two.

“Hold on to me.” Your hands grab the back of his shirt and the next second you’re laying flat on your back, your hair fanned across the pillows as Kai stands at the edge of the bed, fumbling with his belt.

He leans down to kiss you as you push his pants down his legs. He pulls your panties down your legs, leaving marks from where the lace scratched against your skin. His large hands press into your thighs, spreading them slowly. Your hands grip the sheets in anticipation as he sucks marks into your thighs.

“Oh, fuck.” You moan when his tongue starts ficking over your clit. He’s trying to rile you up, he’s trying to make you beg.

“I’m not gonna- beg you.” You pant in the middle of your sentence, trying to keep your own hips still as he ghosts his thumb just barely over your clit.

“Well, if you’re sure..” Kai climbs his way back up to kiss you and in the middle of the kiss you flip him over, straddling him. Kai gasps at the sudden change in position and you smirk as you push his shoulders into the bed.

“I’m done waiting.” Your nails scratch his shoulders slightly when you sink down onto him. He moans, hands finding your waist, begging you to move without saying a word.

“Fuck, Y/n.” He swears loudly, trying to guide you as best as he can but quickly loses control and starts trying to meet your thrusts.

“Fuck Kai, you feel so good.” Your eyes had shut minutes ago but he still found a way to kiss you. His hands cup your breasts, rolling your nipples between his fingers. Your back arches and you cry out.

“I’m close, i’m so close. Kai, Kai.” Your nails dig more into his shoulders and chest and his thumb goes from a nipple to your clit.

“Come on, give it to me, come on.” He growls, thrusts becoming increasingly more uneven and rough as he chases his own orgasm. You nearly scream as your body goes still but Kai doesn’t stop, he keeps thrusting into you until his own orgasm reaches his peak.

His back arches, his eyebrows furrow together, his mouth drops open and the hands on your hips grip them tighter. You moan quietly as the last wave of your orgasm hits you. Kai looks up at you once his orgasm ends and smiles. You giggle and lean down to kiss him.

“Disgusting.” You sit up quickly, wrapping the sheet around both you and Kai when you hear Damon’s voice.

“Why are you early?!” You yell, half mad and half embarrassed as Kai laughs.

“I’m late!” You look at the clock on your bedside table and sure enough it was two hours after Damon was originally supposed to be home.

“Get out!” You scream, throwing a pillow at him. Kai’s laughter dies down.

“I hate you.”

“Yeah, I love you too, Y/n.”

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Little Salvatore - Kai Parker

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Warnings- Smut

Request(s): I need something along the lines of yn being Stefan and Damon’s little sister and she’s like having sex with Kai or any character actually and they walk in and she’s riding him?? - Anon

fluffy kai smut is a MUST pleaseee!! - Anon



Kai lands on his back on the bed as you shed your body of its last remaining piece of clothing. Kai smirks and sits up, pulling you onto his lap with his large hand on your hips. He leans up and kisses you. You tangle your fingers in his hair as you moan into the kiss.

“You are so beautiful.” Kai sighs. His hands held you against him as you blush.

He kisses just under your jaw and down your neck. You put your hands on his shoulders and gasp quietly as he sucks dark marks into the skin of your neck. One of your hands trails down to his chest and you push slightly, sending him backwards onto the soft comforter.

“I like this Y/n.” Kai smirks. You smile and reach under your hips to line him up before sinking down slowly.

At first, you’re just getting used to the new position and Kai is totally still, being careful not to move incase he hurt you. You put your hands on his chest after a good two minutes of not moving and roll your hips just barely. Your eyes drift closed and you bite your lip.

“Fuck, if you do that I won’t last long.” Kai’s hands grip the sheets at his sides. You lift your hips slowly and then go back down, swiveling your hips when he’s all the way in and it makes both of you moan loudly.

“You feel so good.” You mumble as you start to ride him. You go slow in the beginning but slowly pick up the pace as you get used to it more.

“Kai,” You gasp after a good amount of time has passed and you start getting close. He opens his eyes and looks up at you, “Touch me.”

He does as you say and brings his hand down to press his thumb to your clit, not so hard and not so soft, just the way you need it to be. Kai moans, his thumb speeds up, you start grinding on him as much as you can, chasing your orgasm.

“Fuck, Y/n, fuck!” He curses loudly, voice breaking as his back arches under you. You push his hand away from you and rub your clit as fast as you can to find you release. Your body lock up when it hits you, tilting your head to the ceiling and arching your back in a silent scream.

You fall down beside him and he sits up to throw the condom away but lays back down next you.

“I am scarred.” You nearly scream and rush to throw the blanket over you as Kai put a pillow over his lap and looks towards the door where Damon and Stefan, your older brothers, were standing with shocked and disgusted expressions on their faces.

“Get out!” You scream, grabbing a pillow from behind you and chucking it across the room at them. They both run from the room like it’s on fire and Kai falls onto his back, head landing in your lap as he laughs.

“What’s so funny?” You ask.

“‘I am scarred’. I have finally completed my mission of scarring your older siblings.” You scoff and swat his chest, looking away from him.

“Plus,” He sits up, “You’re funny when you’re angry at them.”

“I hate you.” You turn to look at him. He pecks your lips.

“I love you too, baby.”