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Ryuko & Uzu Eyes.

Has anyone ever thought about how they both possess “special” eyes? 

Uzu’s self proclaimed special eyes

 and Ryuko’s literal gear shaped eyes.

While Uzu’s always boasting about his eyes, Ryuko’s eyes are never really addressed. Is it because of the life fibers? Or are they just because she’s so badass? Who knows. look at the spirit and determination in both their eyes ugh i love them.

I don’t think any ryuuzu shippers have ever really touched on this little topic so I guess I’ll give my spiel. 

I find it really interesting how they both have “special eyes”. I doubt this since it was never addressed, but I wonder if Uzu thought anything when he first saw Ryuko’s eyes. No one else seem to notice anything special about her eyes at all, maybe they either didn’t care or in a universe where dogs wear hoodies and alien clothing exists, gear shaped eyes are not particularly something out of the ordinary. 

But what if- WHAT IF, Uzu being all about his eyes and such, noticed Ryuko’s eyes and thought finally there was someone who was in the same boat as him. Maybe that might be another reason why he wanted to fight her so badly, almost as if he wanted to know more about this girl with the strange eyes through her fighting abilities. We all know Uzu loves to fight so that’s probably a way he reads people too. He did say his bamboo sword was itching to test out her abilities.

Just a thought.